Who is prone to rheumatoid? Always do preventive work

In life, some people are prone to rheumatism due to various reasons. Of course, this has a lot to do with the onset characteristics of rheumatic diseases. Usually, all kinds of comprehensive prevention work should be actively done. This can reduce the threat of rheumatism to your health. So who are prone to rheumatoid? Next, Chongqing rehabilitation doctor Long Bo will give you a brief introduction.

Who is prone to rheumatoid

Who is prone to rheumatoid

1. In life, some people have gastrointestinal diseases for a long time, which brings certain convenience to rheumatism. Studies have shown that gastrointestinal diseases are a favorable way for rheumatism to invade. About 10% of patients with gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis and other diseases suffer from rheumatism.

2. Some people who have been in a bad environment for a long time are prone to rheumatism, because an unsuitable living and working environment can also lead to rheumatism.

3. We all know that bad emotions will affect the occurrence of rheumatism, so there are more people suffering from rheumatism, the long-term mental state is not good, and people who are introverted and depressed are prone to suffering from rheumatism.

Who is prone to rheumatoid? Through the above content, we can understand the most vulnerable groups of rheumatic diseases, including those who have been in a cold and humid environment for a long time and those who are in poor mental state.

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