Who is French for? Ordinary girls wear high-level textures in autumn and winter!

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 – French wardrobe – 

I recently saw a video of French blogger Camille Pidoux’s outfits, and I was immediately attracted!

▲  This cold French style is elegant and advanced in autumn and winter, and has a certain degree of maturity.

In the comment area before, many sisters said that they wanted to see the capsule wardrobe series, and Ding, who is responsive, will arrange it today!

This issue is about French dressing and wardrobe planning. Let’s talk about the logic of French dressing first, and then teach you how to plan your wardrobe.

It will definitely give you a lot of useful references!

What looks and body traits?

Suitable for low-key fashionable French wear?

When it comes to French outfits, the first thing that comes to mind are several representative French bloggers:

▲  But as an Asian, it is almost impossible to match their conditions.

Few of us can achieve the deep three-dimensional face and tall skinny figure of the French.

But many Asian girls will look good in French style. Let’s summarize them from the perspectives of appearance, figure and temperament. You can refer to them.

▍The  face is three-dimensional and the five senses have a greater sense of volume

Let’s take a look at several Korean bloggers with different styles. The French route generally has a high three-dimensional face, and the brow bones and the bridge of the nose are relatively straight, and it feels like an independent big sister.

▲  The Korean style blogger on the left has a very soft face and is flat overall.

The senses of the five senses are generally relatively large. Compared with the delicate Xiaojiabiyu, they will give people a chic and straightforward beauty.

▲  Zhong Chuxi, Yang Caiyu  , all have a lot of senses.

Don’t worry if the conditions are lacking. We can adjust it by makeup and hair. For example, Tang Wei, who has a large facial white space, uses a side hairstyle to reduce the facial white space and enlarge the sense of facial features.

Girls with smaller eyes can deepen the roots of the eyelashes and smudge the eye sockets, so that the eyes naturally enlarge and the color looks thicker.

 After the makeup adjustment, it is obviously more atmospheric and brighter, which is suitable for the elegant French style.

▍Skinny  medium frame/large frame

Among the girls who look good in French style, the most common figure is the medium frame/large frame, which stretches the atmosphere, wears clothes neatly, and has a strong aura.

Girls with small skeletons are small and delicate. Wearing suits and shirts will not hold up a bit, and they look baggy and do not have the high-end atmosphere of the French style.

There are actually no special requirements for a flat body and a round body. As long as the overall body is thin, it is in line with the feeling of French style and freedom.

▍Temperament  : Lazy, casual and unpretentious

Temperament is also a very important part of controlling the French style, even more than the appearance and figure.

A slightly lazy, relaxed and casual state makes it easier to control this style, confident and relaxed, with a light expression, with a hint of certainty.

The body language is stretched and generous, not particularly upright and tense, and it looks “effortless”, and it feels like this is what they look like in ordinary life.

 Looking carefully, in fact, the back is straight, and the shoulders are not buckled inward.

It is more obvious in the group photo, which will create a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, without the feeling of being deliberately contrived, as if you don’t care about your beauty at all.

If you are also a girl with such a calm and calm temperament , and your face and body conditions are probably suitable, then you can really try the French route, and don’t waste your unique temperament!

Next, let’s talk about 3 dressing rules. Girls who like this style should learn it quickly. Girls of other styles can also refer to it and dress more elegantly in autumn and winter.

What is unique about French dressing?

▍  Effortless beauty

The French style especially pursues the sense of Effortless, that is, to win a great sense of fashion without effort.

The elegant Xiaoxiang wind coat meets peach red, and there is a sense of fashion and intentionality, so French wear generally does not show a large area of ​​high-saturation color, and it will be more classic and attractive if you replace it with low-saturation.

▲  Low saturation will not be exaggerated and conspicuous, and it is easy to show the texture of clothes.

The lines of the clothes are also soft and uncomplicated. Taking shirts as an example, the French style is suitable for wearing silk, cotton and linen shirts with smooth lines. The oversized shirts are too neat in Europe and America.

The same goes for jackets. Some shoulder-padded suits have particularly neat lines, which are completely at right angles, making them very aggressive. Softer shoulder lines are more casual and natural , which can easily create the effortless feeling of French dressing.

In addition to the color lines, the version of the single product is relatively simple and natural. Compared with the European and American outfits with a strong sense of design, the French style has almost no trend elements, and has a fashion attitude that does not care about the trend at all.

▍Elegant  femininity

Many people think that French style is cold and neutral, but in fact, French style retains a certain sense of elegance and femininity.

For example, French-style trousers have a slightly tightened waist and crotch, or some slightly flared styles, which can show some soft and graceful curves.

▲  The neat wide-leg pants like the one on the left look too chic and handsome, and are more suitable for simple European and American styles.

It will also create a high waistline, such as wearing a short top, or tuck the top into the pants, so that wearing a coat outside will not look draggy, and the overall delicate and gentle.

French dressing gives people a very relaxed feeling. This feature can also be grasped by the looseness of the clothes. If you choose a suitable one, the look will be generous and elegant, and there is no feeling of being cool or deliberately showing your figure.

▍Make  good use of small details to shape style

After reading the above, you may find that most of the French-style clothes are classic styles that do not follow the trend, and are relatively simple and basic. So if you want to wear a style, you can work on the details.

The first is the way of dressing, such as opening a few more buttons at the neckline, and choosing cropped trousers to expose the ankles. Simply adding a little more skin exposure will make you look more casual.

In addition, the matching method of single products can also be less conventional. Simply putting the knitted sweater on the shoulders can enrich the layers of the outfit, and you can also get a French-style laziness.

Shoes are also the focus of French wear. Using shoes to emphasize the overall style again makes the outfit more attractive and storytelling.


How to choose the exact model

Create a practical French autumn and winter wardrobe?

This part is everyone’s favorite wardrobe planning! Let ‘s look at it in the order of tops, bottoms, coats, and accessories, and it will be clear after the inventory.

▍Top  : neutral color + elegance

As Ms. Chanel said, “Elegance is the most important thing no matter how a woman dresses.” The most prominent thing in French style is elegance.

The top is the most easily noticed part of the whole body clothes, so we have to pay more attention to the selection. It is best to choose a simple and classic style, which is in line with the French people’s aesthetic standard of not blindly following the trend and being independent.

While the style is simple and elegant, it can retain a certain sense of femininity, such as V-necks, bow ribbons, and lantern sleeves.  This design is restrained without exaggeration, and it is very elegant and durable to wear.

Most of the colors are low-key neutral colors, which can reflect the texture of clothes very well:

According to these aspects, Tintin has selected some top demonstrations, which are very suitable for building an efficient wardrobe:

▲ I  chose 3 shirts and 2 sweaters, which can be worn alone and stacked.

▍Bottoms  : Concise + a certain curve

Jeans are typical French-style bottoms. The ideal is to have a certain sense of wrapping around the waist and hips. Straight-leg pants or flared pants are fine.

 Straight-leg pants are casual and comfortable, and the slightly flared version is more feminine.

In terms of color, in addition to the common denim blue, you can also choose light colors such as light blue and white, with dark tops, the overall will not be dull and ordinary, and the brightening effect is very good.

Some cigarette pants that fit the waist and crotch, or corduroy pants with neat lines are also suitable.

 The one on the left is too wide to reflect the French elegance.

If it is a skirt, you can choose a fit that fits the body curve. Don’t touch the skirt with a silhouette. It looks too grand and gorgeous, and it does not match the style.

Now there are fewer opportunities to wear skirts in winter, so Tintin chose 3 pairs of trousers and a long skirt with a thicker material:

It can be matched with tops, and can be combined into many styles, and it will not be repeated in a month:

▍  Jacket: neat and fit

The tops and trousers retain some femininity, and the coats don’t need to have particularly soft lines, as long as they are neat and clean.

Like suits, trench coats, and coats, they are all common items in autumn and winter French wear. Sisters who have the conditions can invest in a good texture, and it is easy to get a sense of luxury.

It is best to choose a style with a slightly wider shoulder line and no obvious waist, and the overall will be more relaxed and casual.

 The fitted style with a waist on the left looks too much like commuter professional wear.

I picked a few coats according to the above standards, which can basically meet the needs of the daily wardrobe:

 ▍Accessories  : add retro feel + sophistication

Finally, let’s talk accessories! In autumn and winter, the clothes are heavy and monotonous, and with the accessories, your fashionable wardrobe is complete.

The accessories are exquisite and delicate, and will not overwhelm the guest, such as the thin gold chain of the small tag, the small gold earrings, and the ring, which can quietly enhance the texture of the whole outfit.

The weather in autumn and winter is relatively cold, we can also prepare wool hats, cashmere scarves and silk scarves to wear:

The bag should choose a generous style, the color is harmonious and not obtrusive, and you can have a little sense of design to make the matching more bright.

Then we randomly build 2 sets from the wardrobe above, and add shoes and accessories, and the high-level French fashion will come:

In general, French dressing seems to be simple and casual, but in fact, every part of the selection has hidden scheming. If you look carefully, you should have a lot of new ideas for building your autumn and winter wardrobe.