Who doesn’t want the ghost-catching luck of Fantasy Westward Journey? The Sword Club’s “Grievance Game” Grandpa won the first victory!

“Ouqi body protection is always with me” is the dream of many dreamy friends. Some people hope that they can harvest enchantments in the sky and riots, while others are freeing themselves and seeking to become rich in the appraisal. Now, let’s take a look at the recently born European Emperor players!

1. I also want this ghost-catching luck!

Yesterday, a lucky player found a level 80 Luohan and Anger Belt with 160 initial HP and 41 initial defense when appraising the ring equipment. Although the properties of this belt are average, its special effects and stunts are very powerful. There is absolutely no problem in ordering an agility set to sell it to a high-end Wukai!

As for how much this belt counterattacks, everyone will understand the search map of Captain Pig’s last Treasure Pavilion!

2. Single-race weapons can also counterattack!

Although the current game environment is that dual-race weapons are more popular, for the dream-seeking brother, as long as the single and dual races are shipped, there is no problem at all. Recently, a lucky player found a level 140 claw with 451 points of initial injury and 25 points of resistance in the identification process.

As far as the properties of this piece of equipment are concerned, after careful smelting, it can make up for the disadvantage of reducing magic, and its use is mainly to give the latter the power to the underworld. At present, there are a number of power underworld players emerging in 69 and 89, and their prices will certainly not be too low.

3. Who can understand the hard work of persisting for more than 200 days?

Recently, a player who insisted on doing it for 255 days came to “cry”. Because of a small mistake, he broke the continuous division achievement that he had been doing for a long time, which also caused him to break the defense instantly. After seeing the news, Captain Pig expressed his sympathy.

In fact, Captain Pig has only recently completed this achievement. He used to doubt his life for a period of time after being cut off for more than 100 days. Later, Captain Pig found that this matter could not be done by himself, and there were always a few days of the year when accidents would happen.

The key reason for the successful completion of Captain Pig is that there are many enthusiastic friends to help. Therefore, it is recommended that this player can ask friends for help when he is tired!

4. Shenweijian will “grievance game”, Meng Xiaomai won the first victory

Recently, the “Sunset Red” team where Meng Xiaonai belonged had some quarrels with the “Brave Duckling” team, and the two sides decided to compete in the sword club world. In this game, both sides used the “national standard kill” system composed of Datang, Nuxu, Jifu, Huasheng, and Tiangong, which belonged to a contest between the same lineup.

Although the “Brave Duckling” team gained the advantage of the formation, but the “Sunset Red” team was far ahead in terms of hardware and tactical strength, and suffered defeat after more than 70 rounds of hard work. Of course, the Tang government of “Brother Dai” played very well in this game, fully proving his strength as the first Tang Dynasty.

Well, today’s news is here. If you meet any interesting things inside or outside the game, you can contribute to us!