Who can win the Aegis of Champions? Analysis before the TI11 Finals

TI11 is about to enter the finals. In this long offseason, let’s briefly analyze the strength and play style of each team.

First of all, when Ti reached this stage, the teams have reached a consensus that this is a three-core version, and everyone is reducing the status of the equipment of the Pact of Resentment in the team, so that the fourth position is out, or even out . If the 3rd position in the team is a tool person who plays team equipment, then playing in the late game may have very little effect. Under this major premise, the remaining four teams can be said to have their own play styles. It is not an exaggeration to say that this TI is the most valuable one.


relentless violence

Secret’s play style this time is very focused on the line, and the tempest-like small rhythm suppression after gaining an advantage. Secret is the first team to give up the pact of the Wraith. Unless Swiss Lu Xun is playing a hero such as Spider or Mystery, they are the first team. No one will have a pact of resentment.

Zayac’s No. 4 is mainly a rhythm hero, and he can do things without eating money, so that the big brother ppy can suck blood with peace of mind. In fact, the biggest problem with the secret is that ppy is a 5th position player who likes to make money too much, and sucks up his teammates. Now Zayac, an uncomplaining wage earner, can be said to make ppy like a duck to water.

The secret tri-core is actually more like the three pseudo-cores. Sledgehammer and Rashik are the tactical cores, because these two heroes can swing in the hands of the secret, and the split is very flexible. In the case of soy sauce, Xiaoqiang belongs to Zayac’s absolute best. His local cats and sea people are very powerful, but Xiaoqiang should be the most important. Generally speaking, there are not many things to fight secretly. The main thing to beat them is not to be inferior. In terms of BP, Sledgehammer, Rashik, and Xiaoqiang must ban two of these three, and if you have the ability, you can grab one.

If the secret is the late pick, they will most likely ban Rashik by themselves, so it is also very critical whether the secret can get the first pick.


Super strong team

Tundra’s strength this time is even stronger than Secret, their style is more operational, and they play a lot of things. Pick a hero with a stable line in the No. 1 position, and 33 rely on his unique skills to play the best line. This will make Tundra’s double sauce play very easy, and he can be freed up very early to do a lot of things.

Although Tundra won’t have a big advantage online, their operation is very strong, and they are very stable after gaining the advantage, and they rarely give opportunities. From the two games against the tea team, it can be seen that even if they can’t beat the team battle, there will be no economic collapse. If they drag it out until they are strong, they will be able to bring the situation back in one wave.

Because they play too many things, it is still difficult to target them from BP. If you want to beat them, you still have to play your own system. In addition, the shortcoming of the Tundra team was their No. 1 Skiter, but this year he is in exceptionally good form, and even has signs of becoming the team’s thigh. Currently, I personally think that the strongest player is Tundra.


The only Chinese seedling who wins the team battle

The advantage of the tea team is that the team fights well, and when they are often at a disadvantage, they can completely bring the situation back through two waves of good teams. But if the tea team faces the next game with the idea of ​​playing the BO3 of Tundra, I believe there is no chance at all. Fortunately, in the game against LGD, it can be clearly seen that they have greatly improved in terms of thinking and state.

The first is to let XXS play the core No. 3 position that he is good at, and let boboka play a white tiger who can quickly play a team outfit. XXS is also violent. The rolling in the first game and Mars in the second game are both. is the perfect play.

Secondly, Monet’s state can be said to be the best in the past two years, playing very stable. The only danger is the online problem. Especially in the middle of Jiao Yang’s lane, the next few teams’ mid laners are monsters. Jiao Yang struggled to fight, and the tea team’s double soy sauce has been very inadequate in protecting the mid lane. Although it is said that the tea team is not a team that wins the game on the line, but if there is a monster in the middle, the later games will be very difficult to play.


The Master of Miracles

Personally, I think Liquid is the weakest of the four teams, and the gap is still very obvious. Many people thought that Liquid was very good after watching their BO3 with TA. Although the plot of this BO3 is ups and downs, but from a certain point of view, the two sides are a bit pecking at each other. Liquid is essentially a pure-muscle DOTA team that likes to give opportunities.

In the first game, he fell ill inexplicably. He broke three ways and failed to buy a job. If it wasn’t for luck in the third game, it would also be a G. The puppy stunned the mystery and escaped with a drop of blood. Unless they can continue their luck, I think they should be the first team to leave the TI stage next.

In fact, this week-long offseason, I personally feel that it is an unknown for every team. Basically, everyone’s state has cooled down. It depends on who can quickly enter the game state. What can be changed this week is really There are too many, I hope the tea team can seize the opportunity, and treat each one as the last one, and don’t be afraid of losing. Every step is creating its own history. Come on! Ah tea!

Author: @木木爱painting

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