[White Night Talk] “Taiwu Picture Scroll” is an angel and a devil

I have a damn cat.

Every morning at 8 o’clock, it will beep on time to wake me from sleep.

If I open the bedroom door, it stops barking and just jumps right on me to do a set of chest stomps.

When I was finally disturbed by it and couldn’t sleep, I got up from the bed in a rage and chased to the living room. It would immediately turn its belly over and stare at me. No matter how hard I beat it, it would snort, come to my feet, and rub against me like crazy.

At that moment, all my attacks were unloaded, and all my anger disappeared. All he could do was taut his twitched eyebrows, go up cursing and rub his belly.

To be honest, I really hate it from the bottom of my heart, it doesn’t let me sleep in the morning, it’s wrecked everywhere during the day, and it leaves me with a few scratches.

During November, I left the cat alone at home for a walk, and finally enjoyed a few days of undisturbed sleep. However, after a few days, I began to worry about whether it would have various problems staying at home by itself, and I wanted to go home and see it at the risk of pop-up windows.

I hate it, but can’t live without it.

Strangely, I probably feel the same way about the game “Taiwu Picture Scroll”.

When “Taiwu Picture Scroll” was first released, I was addicted to it for a while, and because of this, after playing for dozens of hours, I decided to stop the game immediately and play enough after the official version came out. It’s just a weird obsession of mine to keep the original, full experience as a way of showing my personal respect for the game.

But I didn’t expect the wait to be four years.

Last month, after being rebuilt, the official version of “Taiwu Picture Scroll” was finally released. When I opened the game again with excitement, I found that the official version was different from what I expected.

Many people may have heard that this version has many problems and encountered a lot of bad reviews. Many of them have pointed out that the game’s system boot has problems.

I agree with this point. I remember when I finished playing “Taiwu Picture Scroll” on the first night, I couldn’t help but say to myself, “This game can’t be played.”

There are two kinds of guidance in the game. One is the guidance of the game flow, which tells the player what to do and where to go. Another is the guidance of gameplay, which allows players to understand the game system step by step. The most common form is the game tutorial. In addition, UI/UX design, level design, etc. can play a role.

The guiding problem of Taiwu picture scroll mainly lies in the second layer.

Because the system of the game itself is very complex and huge, and it is significantly different from the typed games that players are used to in the past, even if you only get a general understanding of the system of “Taiwu Picture Scroll”, it may take an hour or two . This kind of game makes players realize at once that this is not an easy task.

In addition, there are many proper nouns in the Taiwu picture scroll, and the attributes of the characters alone have a full page, such as physical strength, agility, subtlety, and swiftness. However, in the initial version, what each attribute represents was not clearly explained, which caused players like me to have countless question marks in their hearts.

In addition, the design of the game UI also needs to be used to. Because there is no guidance and instructions, many people have played for a long time to find the menu of martial arts breakthrough and exercise, and some have found the menu but don’t know how to use it.

In order to answer the many doubts of the players, the official directly uploaded a series of video tutorials on the B station. This is the first time I have seen this kind of operation.

Therefore, the poor guidance of “Taiwu Picture Scroll” is a fact, but I don’t think this is the root of the problem.

Because not all games require a guide, or a strong guide. Many games that lack guidance can instead give players the fun of exploring and publishing.

But if you want the player to learn something, the game must give the player enough feedback. And “Taiwu Painting Scroll” lacks feedback information.

When you cause a result in Taiwu Picture Scroll, the game doesn’t tell you what caused the result.

For example, in the first version, in the early stage, there were often cases where hitting a Boss could not cause damage at all due to insufficient damage.

In fact, this is not a problem in itself. If you can’t beat it, you can find a way to fight it, but the problem is that you have no way of knowing why you can’t deal damage to the boss, and what to strengthen to cause damage. Why did I create a new character and suddenly I could beat it.

Many of the game’s mechanics are actually supported by numerical values, but these action processes are hidden in a black box. You don’t know the cause, you only see the result, and sometimes you don’t even see the result.

There are actually many ingenious details in “Taiwu Picture Scroll”, which are deliberately hidden and waiting for players to discover. For example, if you wear the clothes of the corresponding martial art when visiting a martial art, the NPC’s favor with the player will be greatly improved.

This is a very good design. It is similar to the rainy days in the old man’s ring. The power of the flame magic will decrease. When such details are accidentally discovered by the player, they will get a strong sense of satisfaction. I feel that this game is very Authentic, so as to more actively explore other hidden content in the game.

However, in the Taiwu painting scroll, many of these designs did not work, because the player could not find these details at all. Players can only see the NPC’s current favorable opinion of themselves, and cannot see the change of favorability. Because there is no feedback, even if you accidentally wear the right clothes and increase the favorability of the sect, you will not realize the existence of this matter at all.

In fact, even now that I know this setting, I still can’t confirm whether it really works, the reason why I believe it exists is because Eggplant said it exists in the live broadcast, that’s all.

It is precisely because of this that many designs in Taiwu’s painting scrolls are not discovered, but are often shared by old players with thousands of hours of game time, or even revealed directly by the official.

Various reasons eventually led to the need to cross a considerable threshold in order to appreciate the charm of the official version of “Taiwu Picture Scroll”.

But I can guarantee that after crossing the threshold, the core of “Taiwu Picture Scroll” is still a very fun game, which can be easily played for hundreds of hours.

This is also the most regrettable part. Luozhou has overcome the most difficult part, but ignored the most basic problems. It’s like answering all the big questions at the end of the college entrance examination, but forgot to do the first scoring question, and I failed the test.

Fortunately, Luozhou has been actively extracting players’ opinions and solving problems during this time.

Since the release of the official version, the game has been continuously updated, and the game has changed almost every day. Luozhou also gradually understood the players’ demands in the process.

A typical example is actually not in the game, but in the game’s update announcement. At the beginning, the update announcement released by Luozhou was a dense description mixed with various proper nouns. If it is not a die-hard player, it is really difficult to digest.

However, in an update, Luozhou said that at the request of the majority of players, more pictures and texts will be used in the subsequent update log to display the updated and optimized content.

Subsequent changelogs changed immediately. The combination of pictures and texts is not only intuitive and clear, but also pleasing to the eye.

Now even the text has been clearly divided into layers. It seems that the production team has gradually found the feeling.

And the game is also getting better day by day at a speed visible to the naked eye. Various problems that have been criticized by players before have been continuously optimized, one-click collection of resources, and automatic resident check-in functions have been added.

The various terms on the menu are now explained in more detail, explaining their usefulness and impact.

The UI of many menus has also been redesigned to be more intuitive and easy to use.

Luozhou also presented players with two god-tier costumes, “Bage Costume” and “Silver Guide Costume”, to express their apology, which is also a very interesting thing.

Like I said before, “Taiwu Picture Scroll” made me grit my teeth, but sometimes it made me unable to extricate myself.

The centralized update of the game during this period did add some points, but basically, it was because I felt that “Taiwu Picture Scroll” was a good game and a game worthy of my love.

Although there are some games on the market that have learned Taiwu’s gameplay and design, it is difficult to find a second game with the temperament of “Taiwu Picture Scroll”, and it is also difficult to find a team like Luozhou, a group of Someone who can take the risk of failure and tear down an already successful game and redo it.

I think this is also the reason why many players have been following “Taiwu Picture Scroll” for so many years, and they know that they are witnessing something unusual. You hate it, but you can’t live without it.