While fighting cancer, he left, the last text message before his death made me cry

For several days in a row, Dr. Chen Jinhong, who has always been dedicated to his work, did not arrive at his post, and almost no one in Hangzhou Fuyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopaedic Hospital did not know the story of his tenacious struggle against cancer for many years. He thought that this time he would wait a few days as usual to “fight monsters”. Victory, he will come back. However, Chen Jinhong failed to do as everyone hoped. In the early morning of October 27, 50-year-old Chen Jinhong quietly left his beloved job, colleagues, friends and patients with whom he loved day and night… “Continuous manipulation to restore and fix three humeral fractures” “Finally waiting for the provincial key disciplines to accept excellent results” This is the daily work published by Dr. Chen Jinhong two weeks ago. Chen Jinhong is a native of Fuyang, Hangzhou, treating illnesses and saving people. He often shares these joys in the circle of friends. This is one of his ways to cover up his pain. He hopes that this will not worry his family and friends.

“Actually, at that time, we found out that Master’s situation was not right and sent him to the hospital, but he refused.” Apprentice Lan Guohua choked up and said that Chen Jinhong has been suffering from cancer since he suffered from cancer. They dragged him into the car one time, Chen Jinhong slipped and broke three ribs in the bathroom, but went to the doctor the next day as if nothing had happened Years, the hospital “ordered” him several times to have a good rest, but he never complied.

Before the last hospitalization, Chen Jinhong had edema in his lower extremities and severe ascites, but he said that using a belt to tighten the edema of his lower extremities would be better…

In the later stage of this hospitalization, Chen Jinhong often fell asleep and sometimes woke up without distinction between day and night. He seemed to have anticipated his own situation, so he compiled a text message in advance and woke up to the person who called for medical treatment. Find me the following alumni for help in reception according to the classification of illness: xxx” When asked what Master had entrusted to him, apprentice Lan Guohua shook his head, “Until it became difficult to speak, he was still talking to us about work.”

Chen Jinhong has more than 4,000 friends on his mobile phone. Most of them are patients. Chen Jinhong once said before his death, “Being needed is a kind of happiness. Being able to help others is a kind of happiness. I like to be with patients and help them solve their difficulties and cure their diseases. I feel very fulfilled. “Happiness” netizens are very sad

The medical road is long, and the original intention is worth the money

Dr. Chen Jinhong, all the way

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