Which plastic surgery hospitals are better in Jinan? Is Jinan Yixing plastic surgery good? Is Jinan Yixing’s doctor reliable?

For those sisters who want to have plastic surgery, it is very important to find a regular and reliable plastic surgery hospital.

This article will recommend sisters to know a good hospital for plastic surgery in Jinan. If you are interested, you can learn about it together.

Jinan Yixing Plastic Surgery and Beauty Hospital is a large-scale chain of beauty hospitals. It has a very high reputation in China. Many celebrities and celebrities also choose to go on a transformation journey here.

The lineup of doctors here is also very strong, bringing together many people from the domestic medical and cosmetic industry, covering various items of medical and cosmetic surgery. Next, I will introduce the medical team of Jinan Yixing in detail for the sisters.

Jinan Yixing Doctor Team:

Dr. Xue Tipeng

Specialties: Injection rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, prosthetic rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, etc.

Technical features: He pays great attention to the creation of nose lines, such as the connection between the base of the nose and the forehead. In addition, he also pays great attention to the carving of the nose and the arc of the seagull line, making the nose look smaller as a whole. Moreover, the nose he made can withstand a certain amount of external pressure. In order to make the nose more stable, he will use a tenon-and-mortise structure for nose augmentation to evenly disperse the pressure on the nose, which also reduces friction and shaking.

Dr. Yang Ji Tao

Specialties: Palace Breast Surgery, Rhinoplasty, etc.

Technical features: In addition to autologous fat, the breast augmentation material he uses is also imported silicone material. The surface of this material is frosted, which can better reduce the risk of rejection and contracture of implantation. The incision in the operation is generally designed under the breast, and the length is about 4-5cm. The suture will be very careful, and the scar can hardly be seen.

Dr. Wang Wenjie

Specialties: Embedding double eyelid, full cut double eyelid, Korean three-point double eyelid, etc.

Technical features: It can bring its own color contact lenses. He lifts the muscles on the upper eyelid to expose the pupils, and then makes the eyes look larger and brighter as a whole; to make the eyelashes up, he controls the degree of uplift of the eyelashes by adjusting the position of the stitches. , to achieve natural upturn.

In addition to the above-mentioned doctors, there are also doctors with profound qualifications and experience such as Feng Xueli and Liu Jinlan.

Sisters who have undergone plastic surgery in Jinan Yixing have a very high evaluation of Jinan Yixing. Interested sisters can choose to go to the hospital for a face-to-face consultation. Every day, there will be sisters who will return to the hospital, and they will be able to see real cases at that time. .