Which nucleic acid test cotton swab throat swab is better? Shenzhen Medico Bio

What looks like a cotton swab for nucleic acid testing is a medical device that meets national standards, also known as disposable sampling swabs, flocking swabs, throat swabs, oropharyngeal swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, sterile Swabs, disposable samplers, etc., are usually divided into sterilized and non-sterilized ones, both of which can be sold in the market.

  In fact, there are many types of sampling swabs that are not designed for nucleic acid detection and antigen detection. They have many functions. They can also be used to collect oral mucosal cells, oral microorganisms, surface microorganisms, surface bacteria, and virus sampling and transportation. DNA, RNA collection, throat sampling, cervical sampling, nasopharyngeal sampling.

Nucleic acid detection cotton swab throat swab

  Paternity test DNA collection, transportation and storage, viral microorganisms, influenza sample collection, transportation and extraction solutions, assist hospitals or laboratories to detect viruses or study virus sampling for use in human or animal natural cavities, such as throat, nasal cavity, oral cavity, vagina, etc. Parts for taking biological samples for testing.

  It can also be used for disease detection in the human oral cavity or nasal cavity. Sampling swabs are required to collect oral epidermal cells or nasal virus samples, and the cells or samples are stored in a collection tube and then transferred to a laboratory for testing.

  At present, the coronavirus epidemic has been repeated repeatedly, and the demand for consumables such as sampling swabs for epidemic prevention materials is still very large. When choosing disposable sampling swabs, you must keep your eyes open and choose manufacturers with professional and formal qualifications.

  Shenzhen Medico Bio produces pharyngeal swabs for multi-person mixed sample nucleic acid detection, flocking head + sponge head pharynx, nose, oral cavity, cervical swabs and other swabs can be exported to CE, FDA, TGA, SFDA. Have.