Which Ningbo double eyelid expert is good? You can see the attitude of Dr. Yang Xianxian of Ningbo No. 6 Hospital towards patients.

Although the double eyelid technology is very mature now, everyone still wants to choose a reliable plastic surgery hospital and medical professional technical experts to do double eyelid plastic surgery for everyone. It is very important to choose an important chief surgeon. If friends in Ningbo want to know which double eyelid specialist is the best in Ningbo, let Xiaobian lead you to choose a favorite double eyelid specialist to be the chief surgeon.

1. Dr. Yang Xianxian

2. Dr. Fan Zhihong

3. Dr. Huang Yixiong

4. Dr. Wei Peng

5. Dr. Fu Mingang

6. Dr. Zhang Zhiliang

7. Dr. Chen Kana

8. Dr. Ma Yuebo

9. Dr. Zhu Xiaoxia

10. Dr. Hu Ruibin

1. Dr. Yang Xianxian, Ningbo Sixth Hospital

Dr. Yang is not only a doctor of medicine in plastic surgery at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, but also a doctor of craniofacial surgery in Australia. He serves as a committee member and secretary of China Medical Plastic Surgery, and has also won the Ministry of Education’s University Technology Progress Award and Chinese Medicine Award, invented a national special project, and published more than 30 articles on plastic surgery in Chinese and English. He is also very mature in surgical techniques, specializing in various microplastic surgery, comprehensive eye surgery, and comprehensive nose surgery. The patients who came to see the doctor spoke highly of Dr. Yang.

Evaluation: The doctor’s technical means are very superb, and he is very patient with patients.

Effect: 5 points Environment: 5 points   Service: 4.5 points  

2. Dr. Fan Zhihong from Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Hospital

Dr. Fan is the Chief Physician and Professor of the Plastic and Cosmetic Department of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Hospital. He obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1993. After graduation, he worked in Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital and was introduced to Renji Hospital. He has worked for nearly 30 years since graduation. He has very rich clinical experience and solid theoretical knowledge. Under his operation, all beauty lovers have obtained the desired results, and they are very helpful to Dr. Fan. Nice review. Dr. Fan is good at facial reshaping and double eyelid surgery, and has good attainments in double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

Username: The little stupid pig who can eat

Comments: I like this doctor very much, he feels very relaxed.

Effect: 4. 5 points Environment: 4. 5 points   Service: 5 points  

3. Dr. Huang Yixiong, Hangzhou Bay Hospital, Ningbo City

Dr. Huang is the deputy chief physician and associate professor of the plastic surgery department of the hospital. He graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University and studied and worked in the plastic surgery department of Shanghai Nine Hospital. After one year, he has been engaged in facial plastic surgery, liposuction, body sculpting and breast plastic surgery. Accumulated rich clinical experience. He is currently a member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery and the Shanghai Medical Aesthetic Society. During his work, Dr. Wang has published 18 academic papers on plastic surgery. He has also contributed many achievements in the editing of English-language papers, and has also participated in 4 national and municipal projects.

Username: Taste of Marshmallow

Evaluation: The doctor is very strong, I am very satisfied with the double eyelid made, and the effect is very good.

Effect: 5 points Environment: 4. 5 points   Service: 4. 5 points  

4. Dr. Wei Peng, Ningbo First Hospital

Dr. Wei is the director of the main center of the plastic surgery department of Ningbo No. 1 Hospital, doctor of medicine and chief physician, and also the leader of key medical disciplines in Ningbo. He is also the group leader and member of the China Medicine, Prevention, and Medical Exchange Association, and has also won the third prize of Zhejiang Province Natural Science Paper Award, the top ten outstanding young doctors in the hospital and other honorary titles. For doctors specializing in various plastic and reconstructive surgery and breast plastic surgery, eye and nose surgery and fat filling and other cosmetic surgery.