Which medical beauty projects are not suitable for summer?

For beauty seekers or patients, there is a traditional saying that surgery or treatment must not be performed in summer, because after the treatment, there will be wounds on the body. Once the wounds sweat, they will become inflamed and infected and will not heal, and even leave very serious scars. , so surgery must not be done in summer.

In fact, this issue did exist when I was in college more than 30 years ago, because the infrastructure was not good at that time, there was no air conditioning in summer, and I was often hot in the middle of the night, sweating profusely, and the mat was soaked. But with the improvement of the level of social development, our current living conditions no longer exist this problem. Our buses have air conditioners, taxis have air conditioners, subways have air conditioners, trains and high-speed rail planes have air conditioners, and hospital wards and operating rooms are also equipped with air conditioners. We are basically in a constant temperature environment. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the environment.

Some beauty seekers say, doctor, you are wrong. As far as I know, liposuction cannot be done in summer, because after liposuction, you need to wear corsets. The material is thicker, and it must be very uncomfortable in summer. Because it is really uncomfortable to wear a shapewear in summer, this shapewear will be worn for a month, unless you don’t go outside to exercise, it is still a little uncomfortable to go out to work or go to work.

But then again, when do we find ourselves fat? That is, when I want to wear a skirt in summer, I find that my waist is missing, and I find that I can’t wear short sleeves. At this time, I have to do a waist and abdomen ring. Therefore, if you want to do liposuction in summer, it is best to hold back for a month and not go out.

The second item that is not recommended is photoelectric beauty. What are we most afraid of? It is pigmentation. If you do laser in summer, you may have pigmentation problems. The recovery of pigmentation is at least 8 months, so the recovery is very slow. If we are not in a hurry, try to avoid laser treatment in summer.

For the treatment of the skin, we usually recommend that it be carried out between October and April. The photoelectric treatment is relatively effective.