Which heroes are the most stable in the top score of King Glory S29? How does King Lanling play? The inscription of King Lanling recommends

Hello everyone, what are the most stable heroes in the top score of King of Glory s29, a summary of strong heroes. The Glory of Kings S29 season has already started, and many friends must be working hard to improve their points. So which heroes are suitable for scoring in the S29 season, and which heroes are the most stable in scoring? The editor brings you the S29 season today. A summary of the most stable heroes, let’s take a look together.

What are the heroes with the most stable points in the King of Glory S29 season

1. Shooter Hero:

Marco Polo, Goya, Irene, Sun Shangxiang, Gongsun Li, Mengya.

2. Tank Hero:

Meng Tian, ​​Zhu Bajie, Lu Bu, Xiahou Dun, Su Lie, Bodhidharma.

3. Warrior Hero:

Charlotte, Kuantie, Guan Yu, Miyamoto Musashi, Cao Cao, Yang Jian, Lu Bu.

4. Mage Hero:

Jin Chan, Xi Shi, Shangguan Wan’er, Shiranuiwuwu, Zhuge Liang, Zhang Liang.

5. Auxiliary heroes:

Zhang Fei, Master Lu Ban, Donghuang Taiyi, Cai Wenji, Dunshan, Taiyi real person.

6. Assassin Hero:

Jing, Lan, Xuan, Sima Yi, Pei Chuhu, Na Ke Lulu.

King of Glory S29 how to install Lanling King, the new season guide of Lanling King. The King of Glory mobile game has entered the S29 season, and the official king has also adjusted and optimized some mechanisms and heroes. As an extremely flexible assassin hero, how should Lanling King be dressed in the S29 season? The following is the editor’s advice Everyone has compiled the King of Lanling’s outfit guide for the S29 season of the king. If you need it, come and take a look.

King of Glory S29 Season Lanling King Outfit Guide:

1. Outfit recommendation

In terms of equipment, it is mainly to increase physical attack, cooldown reduction, and movement speed.

Recommended: Ravenous Bite, Boots of Swiftness, Shadow Axe, Anti-Wounding Barbed Armor, Smasher, Starbreaker

If there are many enemy mages or heroes with strong control, the Starbreaker can also be replaced with the Witch’s Cloak.

2. Inscription recommendation

In terms of inscriptions, the main purpose is to improve physical attack and physical wear.

Recommended: Hunting*4, Stealth*6, Hawkeye*10, Mutation*10

4 hunts can increase the attack speed threshold of King Karanling. A mutation can also be replaced by a source of disaster, I believe in the power of crit.

3. Other Recommendations

The summoner skill is recommended to flash, which is convenient for us to chase and escape.

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