Which expansion piece of Fantasy Westward Journey has the greatest impact on players? The old driver looks back at the “treasure” memory

If you ask me, which expansion piece of the PC version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” has the greatest impact on ordinary players, it must be [Treasure], which was launched on January 23, 2007. This expansion piece created “dungeons, gang labyrinths, fantasy treasure hunts” and other gameplay, and its influence has not weakened at all until today.

1. The era of copies officially opened

The copy is one of the tasks that Fantasy Westward Journey players like to do the most. Some players like to make a fuss and sky-high, relying on extraordinary luck to get rich; some players like to do Qijue, Secret Realm, Black Chicken, to clear the obstacles for their own way to level; and more players say “I want all of them” ! And the source of all this is the [Treasure] expansion pack.

The essence of the dungeon task is to supplement the story of Fantasy Westward Journey and a short story of the player, which usually consists of one or more tasks. Although different dungeons have restrictions on the number of participants, as far as the current game environment is concerned, it is still dominated by teams of 5-10 people.

The dungeon gameplay is set at the beginning to require players to be level 50 or higher, initiated by a certain player, and spend a certain amount of money at the dungeon officials of Chang’an City (150, 184) to register and initiate a team to experience a certain dungeon plot. One-ring mission start time, and then wait for other players to respond. At the same time, players can also open the dungeon team interface through alt+R, and click “Dungeon Progress” to view the refresh progress of the player’s current dungeon. Players need to enter the dungeon again after the displayed real time has passed.

Presumably, the dungeon that everyone misses the most is the four-door dungeon that was popular in the north and south of the country and attracted many players to participate! For Fantasy Westward Journey, the influence of this copy can be called “phenomenal”, and it belongs to the existence engraved in the player’s mind. Many returning players from the old district have also said that if they have the chance, they really want to go back to “Qinglongmen” again!

Second, the originator of the suit – the gang maze

Unlike today’s gang maze gameplay, the original maze in the [Treasure] expansion is not limited to gangs. In those days, as long as the gang level was ≥ 3, it was possible to build a “gang secret road”. Open “Gang Labyrinth” gangs are randomly drawn by the system, and the selected gangs can enter for free, while other players need to buy tickets to enter.

At that time, as long as players ≥ level 40, a three-person team can participate in it. In the labyrinth, there are not only the main plot, but also “lost friends”, “lost children”, “little treasure chests” and other “idlers, etc.”, and you may gain unexpected joy by talking to them.

In addition, each maze has 4 final bosses, players need to eliminate them all within the activity time (1 hour) to complete the maze task, otherwise the maze task will fail. Before the maze is closed, you will get a “big treasure chest” reward for completing the maze task, otherwise there will be no “big treasure box” reward.

The “big treasure chests” put in by the system are divided into 3 levels, namely “Golden Treasure Box”, “Silver Treasure Box”, and “Bronze Treasure Box”. Only the team can open the “Big Treasure Box”. To open the “Big Treasure Box”, each member of the team needs to use a “Maze Key”. After opening the “big treasure chest”, each member of the team can get a certain reward.

There are three types of labyrinths in that meeting, namely the ladder to the sky (immortal race), the bottomless pit (demon race), and the bridge across the sea (human race). Rewards mainly include gems, 5 treasures, and 60-80 ring suits. This gameplay was also the easiest place to obtain “animal sets” and “spell sets” back then, which became the memory of a generation of players.

Three, fantasy treasure hunt

Compared with the previous two gameplays, the fantasy treasure hunt was also a “little fire” in that year.

Simply put, this gameplay is similar to the “parallel world” of Fantasy Westward Journey. In this gameplay, you can not only seal monsters, play pictures, but also experience the joy of running business and teasing players. However, due to the relatively high threshold for participation in this gameplay, it currently only appears in the “calendar” of the achievement party.


In general, the biggest highlight of the [Treasure] expansion is the introduction of the “dungeon” gameplay, which has become a boon to the masses, and many small partners have gained a lot by participating in this type of gameplay. The gang maze has undergone various adjustments and has become the “pillar” in today’s gang gameplay. Although the fantasy treasure hunt is not as famous as “dungeon” and “gang maze”, the happiness brought by this “parallel world” also left a deep impression on many old players.

So in everyone’s eyes, what are the impressive gameplay?