Which essence is the most cost-effective top ten recognized and easy to use essence ranking

Essence is one of the skin care products used for the face. It contains more precious functional ingredients, such as plant extracts, ceramides, squalane, etc. Its functions include anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, and spot removal. and many more. Serums are usually used after lotions and before lotions or creams. Serums are usually more expensive than other cosmetics due to the high concentration of various functional ingredients in serums. So what brand of essence is good, which essence is easy to use and affordable? Below are some recommended serums to use.

Caudalie SOS Essence

Its main function is moisturizing. The smell is very reassuring and light fragrance. It smells very good. Although the texture is in the form of a lotion, it is very light and light to use, and it is not greasy at all. Whether it is daily moisturizing or first-aid moisturizing, the effect is good. .

Brightening Essence

The highest rated whitening serum! There are more than 20 kinds of imported plant essences. Medical journals have recommended this Wenyue whitening essence many times. The effect is recognized by many skin care experts. Those with dark skin must use this! The price is very common, remove yellow gas and spots, whiten and anti-aging, shrink pores, the effect is very good, you must stick to it! It will really make the skin white and shiny, even if you stay up late and get sunburned, you can use it on your whole body! Word of mouth and effects can be ranked first in the essence! Real name recommendation!

Clinique Double Tube Lightening Serum

The high-quality “Kyoto Gyokuro” extracted from the pure tea leaves contains a high concentration of theanine, which has an excellent ability to resist external stimuli, fight free radicals, and relieve hyperpigmentation and pigmentation caused by allergies or irritation.

Precious Water Essence

This is a must-buy word-of-mouth skincare serum! The essence of Zhenyang recommended by many skin care professionals is very rich in essence. I have used seven or eight bottles, which can deeply hydrate and refine pores, repair various skin problems, and brighten the complexion. The formula raw materials are the same as the international first-line brands. But the price is very cheap, so it is rated as the light of domestic products by many articles. It is recommended to stock up.

OLAY Revitalizing Essence Repair Essence

The repairing effect is quite good. After applying it on the hands, it is not too greasy. It also has a light fragrance. Most people should like this kind of fragrance. Every time I use it, I press three or four drops like this, and I can massage the whole face.

La Roche-Posay Moisturizing Essence Gel

This La Roche-Posay Hydrating Essence Gel is relatively mild and non-irritating. The texture of this one is also moisturizing and refreshing. The editor used it during the period of frequent acne breakouts, focusing on moisturizing and moisturizing skin care.

HABA Whitening Serum

It is a pre-water serum. It adopts 7 major active ingredients, including nano-platinum factor, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A, etc., while effectively helping the skin to replenish moisture, it can effectively promote the metabolism of skin cells, increase skin activity, and relieve skin aging in an all-round way. It is very suitable for those who want to Anti-aging for mature skin.

TimelessHA Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Apply this first every time you wash your face, its effect is to open your pores, increase the skin’s absorption of other skin care products, and restore the skin’s water-oil balance.

Post-Secret Circulation Essence

Extract 55% of the imperial red satin Baiyang liquid to activate the inner layer of the skin, improve the complexion, moisturize and replenish water, calm the skin, remove anger, and maintain the skin’s qi circulation.

Orbin eclafutur cell repair serum

Orbin’s star product, this serum can repair cells and has an excellent repair function for sensitive skin caused by lack of nutrition, making the skin look white and translucent. Pure plant extraction, strong penetration, refreshing texture, nano-molecules penetrate deep into the skin, gradually release nourishing ingredients, and help damaged cells to speed up repair.