Which elves have the most forms in Pokémon? Are they all inconspicuous in the battle?

Form is a concept that the “Pokémon” series has had since the second generation. Generally speaking, it refers to a Pokémon that has individual or regional differences in appearance. The change of shape may be different in appearance only, but In fact, the combat ability is the same, but there may be differences in race values, characteristics, skill learning, etc., which lead to different positioning of each one in the battle. Starting from the second generation, there are different forms of Pokémon. It is gradually increasing, but Xiao Er found that those Pokémon with many forms are not very conspicuous in the battle, so let’s take a look at the special features of these Pokémon.

PS: This article may not have too much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

The most form of Pokémon that cannot be surpassed:

If we really want to talk about the Pokémon that has the most forms and cannot be surpassed, then it must belong to the third generation of Huang Huangmao. How special is this Pokemon, because the spots on its body are changed by the system every time. According to what Encyclopedia once said, there are theoretically 2 to the 32nd power = 4,294,967,296 combinations of wobbly spots generated under this algorithm. That’s right, there are 4 billion combinations. From this point of view, each of the wiggling spots that the basic players have captured is unique. This special setting of wiggling spots has never had a second case so far.

Those Pokémon that are not outrageous, but have many forms of the same:

Of course, it’s impossible for every multi-form Pokémon to be as outrageous as Shaggy Spot, with a special algorithm with random patterns, but there are still many Pokémon with more than ten forms, such as the second generation. The unknown totem of , the form is integrated! form and? After the form, it reached 28, but we all know that the unknown totem, although the setting is special, but the battle is really useless. There are seven generations of small meteorites and so on. It can be found that these polymorphic Pokémon are either unpopular or not popular.

Even if it is a Pokemon with a unique compound eye hypnotic gameplay like Caifendie, it cannot be directly said that it is a Pokemon with high usage rate. In many cases, it is still limited by the attribute of insect flying and multi-modal settings. It mostly appears on unpopular Pokémon, such as budding deer, grass lady, etc. It may be because unpopular if the next generation fails to sign, they will not have to spend so much time to make so many forms. If each generation has passed the signature, it will not be so tired if there are not many forms. Of course, this is from the perspective of the staff. It is purely personal YY, but with the virtue of GF, it does not feel impossible.,

Some forms of Pokémon themselves are also difficult to obtain, such as some forms of colorful pink butterflies. At this time, it is a bit uncomfortable for the collecting party.