Which cooking in Fantasy Westward Journey is not cost-effective to Zhu Zi NPC? After reading this data, you will understand in seconds

For most fantasy players, when they are dealing with cooking, they like to throw the non-lifetime class to the Zhuzi material merchant. In fact, it is very uneconomical to do so. Some junk cooking can even get tens of thousands of fantasy coins if you submit it to the task, but it is only worth a few thousand if you just hand in the material merchant. Today, Aurora uses data to analyze how to deal with cooking with the greatest value.

At present, there are 16 types of cooking. After the player reaches the skill level of 65, they can cook all types. Each cooking requires skill level +10 vitality, and the maximum is not more than 80 points. The following analysis and discussion are based on 140 full-level cooking as an example.


Life is sold for five

There are only three kinds of longevity cooking, namely Dou Zhai Guo, Longevity Noodles, and Osmanthus Balls. Longevity cooking is the most lucrative and cost-effective of all cooking, and it’s easy to handle. Because many Wukai are basically pushed with Xumi flat, and Xumi is very brittle, basically it will die five or six times or even a dozen times a day, so these Wukai are the biggest consumers of longevity cooking.

Longevity cooking can be set up on a stall, or it can be packaged and sold directly. It is recommended to choose the latter here. You can use the channel information to set keywords and wait for the Wukai World to shout. According to the price of longevity cooking, Dou Zhai can be sold for 4W, longevity noodles 2.5W, and sweet-scented osmanthus pills 1.5W.


Submit materials

The biggest difficulty in cooking processing is the handing in of materials. Most players hand in the non-life class directly. This is convenient and convenient to handle, but it is extremely uneconomical. We can compare and analyze through data.

A hundred-year-old recipe usually sells for around 75W, which can be cooked more than 50 times. It requires 175 material points and 2W fantasy coins at a time. The cooked centenarians can be sold between 6.5W-7.5W according to the quality, and the middle value is calculated, which is 7W. Then it can be calculated that the cost of making a centenary is 75/52+2=3.4W, and the profit is 7-3.4=3.6W.

Cooking a hundred years old requires 175 material points, and you can directly get a material value to get 205 taels of profit. With the profit data, let’s take a look at the different types of cooking, the prices you can get after submitting the materials to the merchant.

This is the material value that can be exchanged for different cooking given by the elves. With this picture, we can clearly calculate how much money can be exchanged for each cooking.

They are all cooking with 80 vitality output, and the price difference between selling them to Zhu Zi merchants is very large. For the same quality of barbecue and drunken life, one can sell for 2.1W, and the other only sells for 0.26W. The difference is not very large. Therefore, the five low-value cooking of roast duck, Zhenlu wine, barbecue, stinky tofu, and Buddha jumping over the wall can be reserved for tasks or stalls.

This table also affects the price of longevity cooking. Do not sell sweet-scented osmanthus pills below 1.3W, and do not sell longevity noodles below 2.1W.


set up a stall to sell

If there are too many low-value cooking (roast duck, Zhenlu wine, barbecue, stinky tofu, Buddha jumps over the wall) in the warehouse, and the brushing task can no longer be consumed, then the only way to deal with it is to set up a stall. I categorize low-value cooking and high-quality cooking (above 135) into stall-style cooking, as long as the price is reasonable, they are very good sellers.

When there are many people in the evening, you can set up a stall to sell low-value cooking, sell 5999 or 6999 according to the competition, and directly change the name of the stall to “140 audience X999”. Many or several cars.

As for the treatment of drunken life and dreaming of death, it is more troublesome. If it is lower than 135, hand in Zhu Zi materials directly. If it is higher than 135, save it and save it for the competition or gang battle. Go to the host of the competition or put it at the entrance of the gang battle. booth, one can sell more than 3W.

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