Which brand of whitening and lightening mask is good for moisturizing and whitening mask list top 10

If you want your skin to look good, it is not enough to hydrate your skin. Darkness and dark yellow make a woman lacking in temperament, and fair skin is not enough to hydrate your skin. Therefore, it is a very good state for the skin to be supple and bright, which will greatly improve the skin and the whole person. Today we will introduce to you several very useful whitening and hydrating masks, which not only whiten but also hydrate, which is super easy to use.

Estee Lauder Intensive Skin Repair Mask

This mask is the legendary local mask. It is said that this mask contains half a bottle of small brown bottle repairing essence mask. Half a bottle, the phenomenon is so luxurious, and even the mask paper is very cool and special. When you apply it on the face, you can see the silver film on the outer layer, and the side that fits the skin is a white film cloth, like this The design is to better lock the essence of the mask, so that the essence can penetrate the bottom layer of the skin faster, and increase the rapid repair and moisturizing effect of cells.

Forest Philosophy Essence Mask

This is the best treasure mask I’ve ever used, and it’s better than the maintenance at the beauty salon. Has a number of international patent certificates, all of which are plant essences, and the same raw material supplier as the first-line big-name skin care products. The membrane cloth is a plant fiber imported from Germany, which can absorb heavy metals and impurities in the skin, and was rated as “pore vacuum cleaner” by the skin care magazine. Deep hydration and oil control, whitening and brightening, shrinking pores, soothing and repairing, can be used with confidence for acne-prone and sensitive skin, feel that the skin is full of water, feel soft and tender, the fine lines feel a lot less, and the skin feels dull and yellow The air was sucked out. It is the only mask that can make me madly stock up on goods, and it is recommended by real name!

Sekkisei Hydrating Mask

The moisturizing effect of this mask is really good. It combines amino acids, phospholipids, phytol, and squalane, which are four biologically similar ingredients, to form the core base of the mask with a unique ultra-fine emulsification technology. C. At the same time, the water replenishment is also very fast, but the film cloth is a little thick.

Botanical Library Repair Mask

I really recommend a mask, this is a product I want to use for the rest of my life. Authoritative laboratory test data show that this mask has a success rate of 98.6% in repairing problematic skin. The effect of using the plant library acne cream is really invincible. The acne on the face for eight years has been cleaned up in this way, and now the skin is slippery and a little trace is gone. No more, but also a lot whiter and tenderer. Acne and acne marks, deep hydration, fine pores, and skin whitening, you will fall in love with it once you use it. I get pimples every time I eat spicy food, and it goes away after a few days. Refreshing and not greasy, the offset is large! All kinds of skin can be used with confidence! Use it for bad skin!

Mandan Moisturizing Muscle Mask

Mandan’s water-sensing muscle-penetrating pink hyaluronic acid super moisturizing hydrating mask has a good hydrating effect! I like the mask very much. Although the Japanese mask bag is not as fine as the Korean mask bag, it is good inside.

Sulwhasoo Yurong peel off mask

One of my favorite cleansing masks. Compared with other cleansing masks, Yurong peeling is very moisturizing and cleaning power is relatively strong. You can see that there are oil residues, fluff and some whiteheads on the torn off mask. The face is much cleaner and the complexion is brighter. .

Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub Mask

Just continue to melt the brown sugar with the mild water temperature, massage in circular motions and rinse off! After washing, there will be a greasy oil film feeling, which helps to lock in moisture and will not suffocate the skin.

Pechoin Small Fortune Mask

Pechoin’s Xiao Que Xing mask has always been a favorite mask for petty bourgeois women. Xiao Que Xing knows from the name that a little happiness is very happy. This mask has good moisturizing, moisturizing and soothing effects on the skin. It is a very comprehensive mask.

Coco Perilla Water Mask Sheet

This mask was discovered because I wanted to buy Coco’s perilla water mask at first, but later I found out that this mask also contains perilla.

L’Oreal Paris Refreshing Pomegranate Mask

The mask paper is so big that girls with big faces can feel at ease. In terms of texture, the paper film is not a thin type, but it is very soft, the amount of essence is full, and the face is comfortable and moisturizing. The main red pomegranate is known to have a strong antioxidant effect, moisturizing and antioxidant are very good.