Which boy doesn’t have a mecha dream! How many points do you give for the “Gundam” gameplay in Fantasy Westward Journey?

After the maintenance on October 18, 2022, the Fantasy Westward Journey Gang Competition will start a new gameplay “Douyan”. This is a very interesting gang battle gameplay, which will use a new map and confrontation mode. Let me give you a brief introduction below!

 1. Introduction to gameplay

Douyan gameplay is held on the Friday of the third game week of each month. Currently, it only appears in gang competitions and gang trials. Its core gameplay is divided into three categories: “collection, battle, and battle”. The two gangs will compete by mining crystal mines, driving giant scorpions, and controlling giant beasts. The first gang to get three points will win.

In the fighting mode, both sides cannot enter the opponent’s birth and click to kill the opponent’s gang members in the opening stage. Therefore, after the game starts, both parties need to click on the mine to mine “crystal ore”. After entering the battle, the Lord of the Earth will summon monsters every round, with a 50% chance of summoning mineworms and a 50% chance of summoning ore each time the replenishment is added. A maximum of 9 monsters are summoned per round, and the maximum number of summons is 3 times. If the land man is in a sealed state, stop summoning monsters.

After the battle, the system will give crystal ore and tribute rewards according to the number of defeated ore monsters. The crystal ore obtained by the team will be evenly distributed to the players in the team, the team logo of the team carrying the crystal ore will become a special effect, and the total amount of crystal ore will be displayed in the team logo. Afterwards, players with crystal ore need to transport the crystal to the vicinity of the “Tianji Cauldron” on their own side, and click on the input to stimulate the power of Juyan.

The Juyan will run according to the difference between the crystal ore energy of the two sides. The larger the difference, the faster the Juyan will move. When one Juyan pushes to the opponent’s birth point, it will get 1 point. It should be noted that if the player is defeated by the opponent during the transportation process, all the ore will be lost. At the same time, after the score is triggered, the defense screens of both sides will disappear for 10 minutes, during which both sides can freely enter and exit each other’s birth point to fight. The winning rules are very simple, one is to be the first to get 3 points, the other is to clear all the opposing players from the field, and the third is to help the battle time end, and the team with the higher score wins.

2. Confrontation skills

There are also many winning tips in Douyan gameplay. For example, you can collect ore by teaming up with three people, and increase the movement speed of Juyan by transporting a large amount of ore to quickly score; for example, you can suppress the opponent by defeating the ore team. Make sure that the opponent cannot score quickly. Another example is to take advantage of the opportunity to defeat the opponent’s giant to quickly defeat the opponent’s team with less physical strength, resulting in a poor number of people.

3. Summary of gameplay

In general, Douyan mode mainly tests the cohesion and organizational coordination of the gang. The weaker team can choose the mining auxiliary gang, and the stronger team can choose to defeat the opponent’s transportation team. It can be said that even if the level is different and the strength is different, everyone can find their own position in this gameplay, and there is a feeling of “all-people help war”.

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