Where to reserve the mobile game of Locke Kingdom

Where is the mobile game reservation of Locke Kingdom? List of reservation methods. I believe that many of my friends have such questions. Today, the editor will bring you the answers and sharing of the questions about where to book the mobile game of Locke Kingdom. I hope it can help everyone.

Where can I book the mobile game of Locke Kingdom?

1. Reservation method:

Locke Kingdom mobile game is still in the research and development and confidential stage, the internal test has not yet been opened, only a very small number of players have participated in the offline trial experience, and there is no official way to make an appointment.

2. Introduction to the Kingdom of Locke:

Gamers will be exposed to a colorful world, and the colorful gameplay will definitely make you want to stop.

The elf can evolve several times and get a new and upgraded appearance design and attributes. Different elf battles have the actual effect of suppressing each other’s attributes.

A variety of game modes, there are many themed activities in the game, and there are many games, you can play like a farm.

Raise pets, cultivate plants, train your pets, colorful scene maps, each map has a special pet.

Hurry up to collect a large number of pets, some special pets must open special standards before they can be captured.

The above is all about where to make reservations for the Locke Kingdom mobile game, I hope it can help all players.