Where did the D65 people come from and where would they go.

Today, when I write this article, I have seen several news related to death, “the world’s largest active volcano may erupt”, the Hawaiian volcano. And the stampede in South Korea.

Sleeping on my pillow at night, I can’t sleep alone

I slept on my pillow at night, but I was sleepless by myself.

I was complained by a friend before, saying that I opened my mouth to live to death, full of philosophy, and then I thought it would be easy to chat to death like this. It is undeniable that I am the topic terminator.

But I love discussing the topics of aging, retirement, and death, even though many people find these things taboo and don’t want to talk about or dare to talk about.

The reason for writing this article is to brush up on a news, a big man from abroad, who likes to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead. Because of his pretending to be dead, he gets attention, and then he became an internet celebrity, and was even invited to be a special death in the movie. shi. Then very subtly, I saw a video theme of Zeng Lao: Good to die.

There is a very vicious word, that is, you must not die.

No matter how much disaster you have encountered alone, and you feel that you really can’t bear it, then let yourself cry a lot, don’t work hard for several days, half a month, and a month, you can decide how long it takes. You can be decadent or depressed, and allow yourself to do what you want, even if some things are seen by others, it is very cowardly and very disapproving. As long as you don’t break the law, don’t hurt other people, don’t hurt yourself, get depressed properly, and feel sorry for your own failures, these are all normal ways for people to express their emotions.

But the only thing you can’t do: destroy yourself.

When a person finds that he is in a bad mood and is depressed, and he does not understand these basic psychological knowledge and symptoms, it is difficult to find a solution. In the past few years of the epidemic, why do many people feel uncomfortable and feel that their lives have reached a low period? Because many people are not mentally prepared in the face of sudden disasters, many people suffer from PTSD because they do nucleic acid once a day.

It can be seen that everyone’s psychological tolerance is different.

Even if some people are very, very painful, you must clearly realize that there are people in the world who love you, not your relatives, or your friends, or even your lover, children, or your pets. Even if you really can’t find anyone, let me tell you that our country loves you.

Many people will feel that their mortgage work is stressful and so on, and they can’t breathe. But the blood and tears that our ancestors paid for us to live in this peaceful and safe life today are not what we can think of… So, they love many people, although we are small, but Also one of them.

Don’t easily hurt your own life and your precious body.

Believe that you deserve to be treated tenderly, but you are the one who hears your own words, and you are the first to see the choices and actions you are making. If you break up with your lover, get divorced, or your parents don’t approve of you, then you go to a new free city, work hard, make money, and even go to the gym to make yourself more confident in your body, and then start a new relationship.

Nothing is impossible to start over. Even in order to make money, many self-media people say that starting over is a failure, and that middle-aged people are unemployed and lovelorn is a failed life.

But I want to say that nothing is impossible to start all over again.

When we understand the simplicity of the road, we understand that death is not something that cannot be discussed. But we can’t think of going to a dead end when we encounter unhappy things.

To be honest, today’s peaceful and safe days should really be cherished, and try to do as many happy things as possible. You can stay away from unhappy people and things. can run away. You don’t have to be tied to them and die forever. We don’t have to be such a person.

We can live our own happy lives and fulfill our responsibilities in this world. ~

Remember, there is always someone in the world who loves you.

byebye~ hang up~ I’ll talk to you next time.