Where can ear specialists know the harm of otitis media in children

Six-year-old Wenwen always complained of earache after swimming. At first, the family thought it was water in her ears, so they just wiped it with a cotton swab a few times. Who knew that the earache did not disappear after a few days, and it still appeared. With the pus from the ear canal, the family did not dare to delay any longer and quickly drove to the Shandong Provincial Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital for treatment, and was diagnosed with otitis media. Now, let the experts explain to you, what harm will otitis media cause to the child’s body if it is not treated in time.

1. Hearing damage. If your baby has repeated ear infections, the Eustachian tube may be damaged. When an ear infection occurs, your baby may also temporarily lose hearing.

2. Deafness. The further development of the disease, the water in the effusion in the middle ear cavity is absorbed and becomes viscous, which will make the invaginated tympanic membrane adhere and fix. , about 1/3 of the patients lost the chance of recovery due to delayed treatment.

3, tympanic membrane perforation. Otitis media in children can lead to perforation of the tympanic membrane, especially suppurative otitis media.

4. If otitis media is infected inward, severe inner ear infection may occur, which may lead to damage to important tissues and organs such as the cochlea and auditory nerve, resulting in permanent hearing damage or loss of hearing.

5. Physical symptoms such as high fever. Manifested as high fever, body temperature up to 39 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, children crying and restless, hearing loss and earache, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. These manifestations resemble a cold or enteritis and are easily overlooked or misdiagnosed. After examination, it can be found that the eardrum is congested, the ossicle is red and swollen, and it is bulging.

Experts from Shandong Otolaryngology Hospital reminded that the ear is an important auditory organ of the human body, especially for children, once suffering from otitis media, it will cause great harm to the body of the child, and parents need to take the child to a professional and formal in time. , It is recommended to seek treatment in the same public top three ENT hospital as Shandong ENT hospital.