When your mother told you to wear long johns, that’s how you should retort!

When is winter?

Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, thousands of miles of snow drifting?

From the moment you don’t feel cold in winter, but your mother tells you to wear long johns, even if it’s winter.

Wearing long johns has always been a common topic, not only in China. This year, the order volume of Chinese long johns sold to Europe has soared. Many Europeans have begun to feel the true fragrance of long johns.

In order to resist the invasion of the cold current, no matter the age, the thickened long johns are naturally indispensable, and all kinds of self-heating underwear and German velvet long johns are arranged.

When I was a child, I often heard from my parents that if you don’t wear long pants, be careful of getting old and cold legs!

Are the old cold legs frozen?

This statement is not accurate enough, the old cold legs are not “frozen”, but “old”.

Joint degeneration and wear are the essence of old cold legs

“My whole knee hurts. I can’t squat down. It’s hard to stand up if I squat down. My knee hurts when I go up and down the stairs. It hurts when I walk too much.

This is how most people with cold legs describe their cold legs when they attack.

But these conditions, doctors generally classify as knee arthritis, the nature of the disease is the result of wear, aging and degeneration of the knee.

So this is why it is said that the old cold legs are “old”, not “frozen”.

After the age of 50, the risk of knee joint disease will increase. According to statistics, 80% of the elderly over 75 years old will have knee joint disease.

The main pathogenic factors of knee osteoarthritis are related to age, joint damage, obesity and genetics, but not directly related to cold.

If you want to prevent old cold legs, what you really need to do is to control your weight, avoid prolonged sitting, and do some exercises that do less damage to your knees.

However, some elderly people will have dull pain in their knees before a storm or cold wave comes. The main reason is that the knee itself has problems.

The cold makes the symptoms of old cold legs obvious

Problematic knees are more afraid of cold weather, because cold weather can make symptoms more pronounced in people with arthritis.

Cold weather itself will not aggravate arthritis, normal joints are good enough to resist cold stimulation, and cold weather has little effect on it.

But for an already-damaged joint, the cold stimuli can make things worse.

Because the cold will cause the skin temperature around the joints to drop, stimulate the damage of blood vessels, which will reduce the secretion of joint fluid, which is equivalent to the lack of lubricant for the gears, the friction will further increase, and the wear between the two joints will also increase. .

At the same time, the joint fluid is reduced, and the articular cartilage will lack nutrients and moisture. In addition, the surrounding blood circulation will slow down, and the inflammatory metabolites will be more difficult to remove. Finally, the joint effect will cause pain and discomfort.

Therefore, if the joints of the elderly at home are not good, they are very sensitive to changes in temperature. At this time, they must pay attention to keeping warm.

Elderly people should pay more attention to keeping warm

Just like the old cold leg, the cold will not aggravate its condition, but the cold can expose the problems originally hidden in the body.

For example, cold may lead to urticaria, rhinitis or some inflammatory diseases hidden in the body. These diseases are lurking in the body, like a mine buried in the body, and the cold may be the “fuze” that detonates.

Not only that, the cold may also cause muscle spasms or stiffness, and if you don’t use the force carefully, it may cause muscle strain.

Therefore, for the elders in the family who often say that they have knee pain, they should pay more attention when there is a storm, especially in the cold winter, and they should also tell the elders to keep warm.

Because cold will constrict blood vessels, speed up blood flow, and slow down metabolism, which will lead to cardiovascular disease. Winter is a test for many older people.

There are many ways to keep warm, such as wearing more clothes, heating, etc., but now there is another way: a set of warm foot stickers.

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This autumn and winter, let the mobile garden foot warmer warm you up!