When choosing winter clothes, you have to learn from Jin Gaoyin!

Every autumn and winter, we have to talk about what jacket to wear, but it is basically written from a fashionable perspective. But a while ago in the Korean drama “Little Ladies”, Kim Go-eun’s conversation made everyone fall into contemplation again.

When asked what would you buy if you had a windfall? Kim Go Eun’s answer was ” Winter coat “.

Indeed, the texture of winter coats is often directly linked to price. Whether it’s very good or not and whether the fabric is excellent can be seen visually. From a practical point of view, who knows how warm it is in winter.

Therefore, aside from the popular factor, we might as well re-examine which coats are suitable for investment in autumn and winter? They need to be able to resist the turning of the gears of the trend, no matter what the current trend is, they must be suitable and not out of date.

Although the character played by Kim Go Eun in the play was not from a wealthy background, the coat that the crew arranged for her was expensive. In terms of vision, silhouette and layering, it is very fashionable and excellent.

This kind of soft and waxy cashmere jacket with undiminished three-dimensional feel can be said to cover all age groups. Matching with plain colors is a minimalist and cold style, pairing with neat commuter items is a feminine style, and pairing with dresses and high-heeled shoes is a delicate urban girl feeling.

Cashmere jackets are either single-sided or double-sided. The single-sided lining is not made of cashmere, so it looks more straight visually. The double-sided cashmere jacket is made of cashmere inside and outside, so it is softer and lighter, and the whole person is gentle when wearing it.

The reason why it is worth the investment is also because its material is really excellent in terms of thermal insulation. And it is lighter and softer than other coats with strong warmth, which is suitable for girls who want a little aura without being overly flamboyant.

The most versatile thing to start with is this brown-toned cashmere coat. Use it with a black and white interior for a timeless classic look. Suitable for everyone.

If you want to take the aura route, then wear this suit inside, or directly choose a combination of high-quality high-necked and wide-leg pants in the same color as the jacket, which can make the whole person feel soft and firm on the premise of keeping warm. of beauty.

In the past two years, boots have been back in fashion. Whether it is matched with skirts or trousers, the combination with cashmere coats can well harmonize the overall style. It is a delicate and a little sexy shape with a short skirt, and it is more Easy Chic with trousers.

If you are tired of the classic shades, you can also try the slightly more challenging macaron shades. With some light and elegant colors, the whole shape is lively and not too complicated.

Although many girls don’t think about color for the first time investing in cashmere coats, the versatile nature of macaron color makes it still available on the list of autumn and winter coats. It can be worn with the same color, or you can wear it directly in white.

Of course, if you want to be more adventurous, then this very saturated color can also be considered as an alternative. The more recommended colors are orange red, sea blue, bright yellow, which are better to match, and are always reincarnated in the annual popular colors, and are unlikely to be eliminated.

And colors like dark purple are more selective and matching skills, which are easier to see than the previous colors. Not the best choice for expensive coats.

Secondly, the classic trench coat is also a treasure item for autumn and winter wear. In addition to the often mentioned good match, its functional advantages are often overlooked. A high-quality windbreaker has the function of windproof and rainproof. It is actually a very good first aid jacket in the rainy days of autumn and winter.

The advantage of the classic silhouette is that its design will never deviate too much from the mainstream, and it also reduces the cost of trial and error. When investing in a windbreaker, you only need to focus on whether the fabric is good enough and whether the length is suitable for you. There is no need to think too much about styles and colors.

The inner layer can also play a bold way of layering and stacking multiple pieces. The more layers, the more fashionable it feels. On this basis, you can try some bold combinations, such as leather pants and high-waisted tops, as well as fluffy slippers and suits.

Windbreaker + jeans are girls’ favorite autumn and winter wear formula. Both have their own retro atmosphere, and they have their own classic colors in the style, so the effect of matching is quite satisfactory and will not go wrong.

Small girls may worry about whether the windbreaker is too long and whether they can handle it. In fact, as long as the belt is used well, the visual proportion is elongated.

Or start from the inside and use the way of raising the waistline to reshape the proportion.

The short windbreaker is more tolerant of height, and the shorter hem leaves enough space for the overall collocation, and petite girls can also easily show fashion.

If you want to use a windbreaker with a skirt, the short skirt should be more girly and lively visually, and there will be no feeling of length + length = the whole person is pulled down. Consider a short skirt paired with socks and loafers, or brighten up the look with a pair of bright boots.

Of course, for most of the workers who go out in a hurry, the most convenient thing about trench coats is that sometimes they can even ignore how casual the inner layer is, and use the coat to cover everything.

It is also not limited to age and occasions. It can be combined with Korean sports loose sweater sets, or it can be combined with wide-leg pants and high-heeled shoes. Investing in one piece can be worn from the beginning of the workplace until retirement.

The Chesterfield Coat looks like a long suit, but a coat longer and thicker than a suit is the Chesterfield Coat. The length is over the knee and the tailoring is exquisite. It is simple but full of aura.

It comes from the mid-19th century and is said to have been designed by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, so it has a genteel feel. A few years ago, she was dressed in red by Beckham.

But now everyone prefers this style with wider shoulders and one size larger visually. In contrast to the just-sized style (below), the Chester coat by Oversize (above) is closer to the original and more dashing.

There is nothing to be tangled in the color, generally black and white gray-brown, it is difficult to see colorful styles, because the Chester coat itself gives the feeling of a very serious gentleman, not suitable for particularly public or soft colors.

If you feel that the solid color is monotonous, you can consider turning some flower heads on the pattern. Such as classic, low-key stripes and plaids, but they must also be traditional and gentlemanly patterns, not particularly jumpy and exaggerated.

In fact, it seems that there are not many choices in matching, but in fact, it is still suitable for stacking. For example, in the collar part, you can add a color like Gigi to make the neck part stand out, or match it with an all-purpose hooded top to make the shoulder part soft and trendy.

It can also become very bold with skirts. Like colorful dresses and Chester coats can be matched with a sense of literary intellectuals. The style of the skirt itself is interesting and pioneering, and it can also be stacked to create a unique overall shape.

After reading this, which autumn and winter coat do you think is the most worthy of your savings to invest in one?

Source: IC, Douban Movie