When a farmer in Hebei built a new house, he accidentally dug out a layer of gray bricks. Archaeological experts said: Don’t build it, we have to demolish it.

In Hebei and Hubei, many ancient tombs and cultural relics can often be excavated, because in ancient times these two places were good places that were easy to defend but difficult to attack, and were often designated as capitals. Although the capitals were eventually moved due to wars, in the end Arriving in Beijing, after a long period of changes, Hubei and Hebei still have the highest rate of unearthed ancient cultural relics of this generation. Today let us take a look at an ancient tomb unearthed in Hebei. Farmers in Hebei were building new houses and accidentally dug up A layer of gray bricks, archaeological experts: Don’t build it, we’re going to tear it down.

The Sixteen Prefectures of Yanyun have always been an indispensable defensive zone in our ancient times. But during the Song Dynasty, we lost this place. Later, during the Ming Dynasty, we tried our best to save it and succeeded. Hebei, as the sixteen states of Yanyun, the development of ancient culture was very prosperous. In 1982, an old farmer in Yu County, Hebei Province wanted to build a house. When the old farmer was about to start building the house, he discovered a particularly strange thing.

When the old farmer kept digging the foundation with a shovel, he would dig out a few bricks from time to time. At first, the old farmer didn’t pay attention, but the more bricks he dug, the more bricks appeared. The old farmer was still wondering whether God knew he was going to build a house. So he was given bricks, but the words of other people around him woke up the old farmer. They said this might be an ancient tomb, so they quickly contacted the archaeological team.

Since the old farmer wanted to build a house, the archaeological team immediately started to excavate this ancient tomb. First, they dug out its tomb door, which was the same as many ancient tombs. There was also a corridor, but it was not very long. After a long period of cleaning, the archaeological team discovered the burial chamber of this ancient tomb. Because it was not as gorgeous as the previous tombs, they did not have high hopes for it.

After opening the tomb, there was nothing special about the specifications inside. On the west side was the sarcophagus of the owner of the tomb, and on the south side of the tomb was a table with all the funerary objects on it. It can be seen that the owner of this tomb was also from a relatively noble family at that time. Among the burial objects, archaeologists made a very important discovery. There were four pot-shaped objects placed on the wooden board. The strange thing about it is that I have never seen this shape before. There is a carved thing like an eagle’s beak on the top of the pot. It looks very small and cute. There is also a phoenix crown, and the pot and the base are still connected and cannot be separated. This kind of This is the first time that Feng Shou Pot has appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Judging from the cultural relics unearthed at that time, this tomb should be from the prosperous Tang Dynasty. The carvings of the cultural relics unearthed in it are also very fine, which shows the superb craftsmanship of the Tang Dynasty.