What you need to know about hot springs

Hot spring is a kind of natural therapy, more and more people like to go to hot spring

So do you know what are the benefits of soaking in hot springs?

Have you soaked in hot springs this winter?

Some data show that hot spring bath can not only relax muscles and joints and eliminate fatigue, but also expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and accelerate human metabolism. In addition, most hot springs are rich in chemical substances, which are helpful to the human body.

For example, calcium carbonate in hot springs has a considerable effect on improving physical fitness and restoring physical strength; while hot springs are rich in calcium, potassium, radon and other components to adjust cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and treat diabetes, gout, neuralgia, arthritis, etc. There is a certain effect; while the sulfur spring can soften the cutin, and the carbonated water containing sodium element has the effect of bleaching and softening the skin.

The benefits of taking a hot spring in winter:

The weather is dry in winter. Soaking in hot springs can treat dry and itchy skin. It has moisturizing effect. It can also cure diseases in summer and winter. Because of strong ultraviolet radiation in summer, the hot spring water has a good repair factor. It can also treat dermatitis, allergies and other symptoms, which can enhance people’s health. Cold resistance and immunity! Medical institutions are also using hot spring water resources, such as the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, maternal childbirth, alleviation of maternal pain, and drug detoxification. It is widely used, and has been recognized by medical authorities. !

So winter is the best season for hot springs!

1. Muscles and joints are relaxed and diseases are treated. The hot springs contain minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, ephedra, and realgar, which have certain curative effects on indigestion, chills, edema, chest pain, and skin diseases. Experts suggest that it is not very effective to soak in hot springs once or twice during holidays, and it is effective to persist in long-term hot springs.

2. Treat the skin. In the case of ensuring skin health, you can choose to take a hot spring. Hot spring water contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, which can promote skin regeneration and protect skin. The temperature of the hot spring water is about 40 degrees, with a slightly salty taste. After soaking, you will find that the skin is particularly smooth.

3, hot spring diet. The trace elements in hot springs can increase blood circulation, promote metabolism, remove excess fat and reduce body weight. After soaking in hot springs, rinse the body with cold water, which can promote bone contraction and generate the desire to move, which will also reduce weight. However, people with weak constitution, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure should not use this weight loss method.

4. Sunbathing and forest bathing in open-air hot springs have special curative effects on osteoporosis. The interaction of calcium and ultraviolet rays in hot springs is helpful for physical health.

Of course, we have many more fun and comfortable hot springs!

Xiuhe Hot Spring

Xiuhe Hot Spring Center consists of seven functional areas, including the front office, the male and female guests, the recreation area, and can accommodate 1,500 people at the same time. The interior consists of a wave pool, a kayak slide, a space basin slide, a large water village, a spa pool, a slate bath, a sea salt bath, a mineral sand bath and various characteristic bubble pools. It is the largest indoor constant temperature water park in Jiangxi Province, with the Amazon landscape as the main body, integrating stimulation, entertainment, parent-child interaction and health preservation.

Wugongshan Hot Spring Narada Resort & Spa

Narada Resort & Spa Wugong Mountain Hot Spring is located in Wugong Mountain Scenic Area, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, and is within easy reach of the national 5A-level scenic spot, Wugong Mountain Scenic Area. The hotel has natural hot springs, rich in a variety of mineral elements, the water temperature is 63.8°, no heating, no recycling, to achieve a real “healthy, environmentally friendly, green and natural”, the hotel has nearly 100 hot spring pools of various shapes and characteristics . “Real vacation at Narada”.

Without further ado, let’s take a self-driving tour and “bath in soup” together.

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