What to Wear Next Week | Failed Hiking? Could it be the shoes?

Each sports brand has its own specialty sneakers.

Let’s take a look today, what are these 10 pairs of “popular fried chicken” capable of!

With the popularity of outdoor sports, highly functional mountain wear has also become popular. The combination of outdoor sports and urban life has become a trend, and it is imminent to prepare a pair of hiking shoes.

HOKA ONE ONE® is a high-performance shoe and apparel brand co-founded by outdoor sports enthusiasts Jean-Luc Diard and Nico Mermoud in 2009. The outdoor off-road buffer series has always been the brand’s signature. The well-known running shoe line will also take into account a certain off-road in design. Function.

The KAHA 2 GTX has been renovated on the basis of the previous generation. From the appearance, the HUBBLE® extended heel and Swallow Tail™ geometry can help to combine a stable foot feel and a comfortable wearing experience during outdoor hiking.

The waterproof inner boots made of GORE-TEX fabric can help keep water droplets out during outdoor sports, and at the same time, sweat is discharged through the micro holes on the GORE-TEX, which can keep your feet dry even on long walks.

The sole is a redesigned ultra-grip rubber outsole with Vibram® non-slip lugs as always for extra grip.

As early as 2009, the shoe brand ECCO from Denmark in northern Europe has cooperated with the Cologne University of Sport in Germany to launch the ECCO BIOM series, focusing on sports. The ECCO BIOM mountain shoes launched this year are made of professional-grade standard GORE-TEX Gore waterproof inner membrane, which highlights the brand’s determination to enter the outdoor sports shoes.

ECCO performed 3D scans of triathletes and used data from professional athletes to create this ergonomic hiking shoe. The tongue part adopts BIOM technology, which makes the feet appear natural and effective during exercise; the soft and ultra-light PHORENE midsole provides good rebound performance; the ECCO PERFORMANCE RUBBER+ outsole innovative cleats provide grip, multi-directional traction and stability sex.

Waterproof and lightweight, slim-fitting shoe shape and fluorescent tail decoration, taking into account both appearance and functionality, it is undoubtedly a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The French outdoor brand Salomon was originally world-famous for producing ski series products, and later opened up the field of outdoor cross-country and mountaineering shoes. The shoes recommended for you this time are high-value choices that take into account both daily styling and trail running – ACS PRO ADVANCED.

This pair of shoes is a remodeling of the GCS PRO ADVANCED shoe that was born in 2004. First of all, the color matching lineup has been expanded. The new three colors of sand, purple tail and blue tail present wasteland functional aesthetics, which are very in line with retro aesthetics.

Technically, it continues the proud top-level cushioning technology Ground Control System, and at the same time, it is equipped with the brand’s patented Agile Chassis System (ACS outsole technology) at the technical level to obtain high performance in outdoor variable terrain.

Although the staggered mesh material set in the upper partitions greatly optimizes the air circulation characteristics, it is not suitable for hiking in the rainy season, and the usage scenarios are relatively limited.

ASICS started in Japan in 1949, and the professional performance on running shoes is loved by many runners. In recent years, the brand has gradually expanded into the field of outdoor off-road, mainly positioned in the shoe type that combines retro functional appearance with lightweight outdoor sports, which is very suitable for fashionable hiking whites.

The GEL-SONOMA 15-50 launched this year combines the design of the off-road shoes of the previous two generations of GEL-SONOMA, with complex lines to highlight the toughness and function.

The upper adopts the brand’s 15-50 classic off-road racing shoes designed for outdoor competitive running, and is equipped with ASICS core technology – GEL cushioning glue to ensure the cushioning effect.

The AHARPLUS super wear-resistant rubber outsole focuses on the wear resistance of daily use, but it is only a lightweight performance in terms of grip, so it is not suitable for senior hiking enthusiasts.

Andersson Bell x Asics Gel-sonoma 15-50 

You can also find a healthy lifestyle and like-minded friends in the city. City jogging is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to exercise. But if you don’t choose the right shoes, it can be a little hard to run…

Allbirds, which has the title of “Silicon Valley Full Strength”, are daily running shoes that Hollywood male stars (because they are too comfortable, not for sports) can’t take off.

The brand focuses on the lifestyle of environmental protection and jogging. The Flyer series is the shoe with the lowest carbon footprint among all the brand’s current running shoes.

In terms of performance, the Flyer series midsole adopts the brand’s first Swift Foam technology, which is light in weight and high in resilience, which can effectively reduce the impact of the road on the knees and legs during running. It is a lightweight jogging shoe designed for runners.

Image from Weibo @DarkRunner

The new autumn and winter style is made of wool material and continues to be decorated with colorful colors, which is quite eye-catching.

The picture comes from Weibo @MiHO a text

You don’t have to run, but you must have a pair of On Ang running concave shape… Born in 2010, the Swiss Zurich brand On Ang running quickly seized the running shoe market with its high-value design, and the LOEWE cooperation model has been frequently praised by the fashion circle.

LOEWE x On Capsule Collection New Colorway

The Cloud X series is the first pair of running shoes that many people have entered the pit brand. The name comes from the cloud-like sole design – the CloudTec® patented sole technology and the Speedboard® speed board and other Swiss precision designs provide cushioning, rebound and all-weather propulsion. comfortable experience.

The update to Cloud X 3 takes into account more scenarios, not only for running training, but also for various fitness exercises such as dance, lunges, and dance exercises in the daily gym.

The latest ANTA professional running shoes are titled “Olympic Champion Running Shoes”, specially designed for the Chinese national team’s 5-10 km running training, focusing on performance.

The biggest highlight is another upgrade to Anta Nitrogen Technology (NITROEDGE). Anta nitrogen technology (NITROEDGE) is a new generation of midsole technology launched by the brand in September last year. When it is applied to Chuang 2.0 shoes, it has performances that cannot be underestimated in terms of “rebound, light weight and durability”.

The compressive resistance and toughness of the third generation of the Chuangrun have been improved again: the midsole is made of nitrogen technology, and the shock absorption is increased by 26%; the carbon tube suspension system design improves the stability by 23%; the dragon scale is large. The bottom is guaranteed to have super grip on wet and slippery ground (tried it, and it really hit the ground).

After playing the old shoes from Balenciaga and GUCCI with fire, major sports brands have turned out their portfolios and rode the track of retro running shoes. Whether it’s price, comfort or shoemaking history, sports brands really leave luxury brands behind in minutes.

In 1906, William J. Riley, inspired by the structure of chicken feet, designed and developed a foot arch support in Boston, the city of marathon in the United States. This wonderful sense of balance is called New Balance, and it has since opened the story of a family of jogging shoes.

In 2009, 1906 was launched as a commemorative work for the founding year of the New Balance brand. At that time, it was equipped with the brand’s top technologies such as N-ERGY shock absorption technology and N-LOCK upper stabilization system.

New Balance and Japanese fashion brand N.HOOLYWOOD

Cooperate with trendy shop INVINCIBLE again

Taking 1906R as the blueprint to continue the retro and unassuming gray gene

This year, with the 1906R as the code name, it will make a strong comeback, which shows the ambition. Various cooperation models and rich color matching emerge in an endless stream. It is no wonder that after 2002R, 1906R shoes have become the most anticipated leader in this year’s classic retro shoes.

Technically, the first-generation full palm N-ERGY was changed to half palm, and at the same time, it was replaced with the same 860v2 sole as 2002R… The functionality is relatively weakened, but it also pays more attention to the combination of urban lifestyle and the current trend of millennial technology aesthetics.

Song For The Mute is a very popular street brand in the past two years. It was established in Australia in 2010 by two Chinese, e-sports player Melvin Tanaya and designer Lyna Ty.

For her first capsule collection with adidas, creative director Lyna Ty draws inspiration from the 13th arrondissement of Paris where she lived as a child to showcase the inclusivity and diversity she experiences.

Collaborative footwear finds vintage running shoes from the brand’s historic archives and builds on prototypes.

The old-fashioned DUSTY PINK and MIDNIGHT show a sense of dark skills; the outdoor-style Superturf Adventure midsole shows a neutral temperament; a closer look at the shoes continues the multi-material splicing texture of retro running shoes, full of personality.

The PUMA RIDER series was first born in the 1970s when the gym trend was booming. At that time, it mainly provided jogging and fitness services. As the track turned to the streets, RIDER found its place in the urban trend.

After more than 40 years of evolution, the RIDER FV series has collided with retro shoes with pioneering aesthetics this year: suede, nylon mesh, and PU leather are rich in layers, showing a delicate and delicate retro running shoe texture.

The particle-type grip outsole is designed with lightweight hollow processing, which is thin in the front and thick in the back, and has excellent anti-slip performance and is lighter than before. The heel is reinforced to significantly improve support and ensure coverage of the basic amount of exercise.

Which of the 10 pairs of sneakers in this review would you order?