What to pay attention to when buying a used car

Now that cars have become fast-moving consumer goods, buying and selling cars has become a normalized consumption, and buying a used car has become a very common thing. But because second-hand cars are a non-standard industry, each car is different, so the prices are also different. Today, we will talk about the things you need to pay attention to when buying second-hand cars.

The first thing to pay attention to is the procedures of the vehicle. Never buy a vehicle that cannot be transferred. Many vehicles that cannot be transferred are involved in economic disputes. Even the car is equipped with GPS. After the purchase, it is easy to lose the vehicle. Then there is the nature of use of the vehicle. Generally, personal private cars are of a non-operational nature, while taxis or online car-hailing are of the nature of use from business to non-operating. There are restrictions on the number of years of use and the number of kilometers, and the price is very different from normal vehicles. There are also different vehicle prices for company households and individual households, because personal vehicles must be more cherished than company vehicles, so it is preferred to buy personal first-hand vehicles.

The number of vehicle transfers will also affect the price of the vehicle, so when buying a second-hand car, you must check the number of vehicle transfers and whether the vehicle is mortgaged or sealed. To check clearly before buying.

The third is to detect the actual condition of the vehicle. At this time, we can first use a professional third-party testing agency. The price is not expensive, usually a few hundred yuan. We can do a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, and at the very least, we can ensure that the vehicle has no major accidents. No fire, no blisters. However, most third-party inspection companies do not test the kilometers, so we have to judge the kilometers of the vehicle by ourselves. You can comprehensively judge the actual kilometers of the vehicle by querying the maintenance records of the vehicle and the wear and tear of the vehicle. If the vehicle wear is abnormal, try not to Buy.

In addition to vehicle procedures and vehicle conditions, we also need to pay attention to whether the vehicle has a claim record. If the vehicle has a claim record and is replaced with a large item, such as replacing the engine or gearbox, then this situation will have a great impact on the price of the vehicle. , be sure to check when buying a car.

The above points are the basic things that need to be paid attention to when buying a second-hand car. Every point cannot be missed. Once such a situation occurs and we do not find it, it will cause great losses to our property.