What should I do if running is boring? 9 Ways to Make a Boring Run Fun!

The world is so big, you don’t need to travel far, put on running shoes and go out for a run, you can meet a more beautiful scenery and a better self. Some people say running is boring and uninteresting, and that’s because they haven’t found a way to run that works for them.

Today, the editor recommends 9 ways to make your running more interesting and challenging, which can not only improve your sports performance, but also enrich your running experience and experience the fun of running!


run together

Many people delay running, probably because they don’t want to run alone. If you can invite three or five friends to run together at this time, it will naturally be different. It seems that running with a partner can double your motivation, restrain yourself from developing the habit of running, meet like-minded partners, and experience more running fun.


interval training

Interval running is a form of running training that alternates between high and low intensity. Each set of running is divided into two stages: high-intensity running and relaxed running (rest).

Interval running is an effective training method to improve speed and cardiopulmonary function. Through repeated high-intensity stimulation, the body gradually adapts to a higher pace, and can endure running at a higher heart rate and the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Therefore, this running method is more suitable for runners who have a certain running foundation or are in the running bottleneck period.


Running training

As the name suggests, it is a method of using the slope of the track to train, and it is also a training method to strengthen the speed endurance required for running.

Choosing different slope challenges can not only make training less boring, build confidence in running slopes, make runners stronger, but also help strengthen leg strength, help improve speed and rhythm when running, enhance endurance and The ability to climb hills during a race improves a runner’s overall performance.

Hill running training is suitable for runners with a certain foundation. If you have been jogging regularly for 2 months or more and want to improve your running performance, you may wish to add an appropriate amount of running hill training.


Switch to “Off-Road Channel”

Choosing a more original running route, such as riverside, seaside beach, country road, and park runway are all good choices. Changing the scenery is changing the mood. Walking into the beautiful nature to breathe fresh air, refresh your body and mind, and run smoothly, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also add some fun.


run after the target

If running feels tiring and boring, try running after a goal. When you set a small goal for yourself, it stimulates the athletic potential in your body, allowing you to be explosive and run forward.

For example, walking with a bicycle on the side of the road, or even exceeding its speed; or racing with a bus to see who gets to the station first; or setting a building as a goal and arriving within a specified time; or just following the person running ahead runner…



The treadmill can set different speeds, distances and inclinations, and you don’t have to detect the route in advance and worry about the weather. It allows you to free your mind to think quietly, create a space of your own at the moment, and in this space Ride freely. And on the treadmill, you can also run while watching dramas and listening to music, which can also increase the fun of running.


listen to music

Studies have found that listening to passionate, fast-paced music while running can improve runners’ performance.

◆ In the early stage of running, runners can choose some brisk songs to give themselves an energetic start;

◆ In the mid-term, runners should choose music with a faster rhythm to keep their pace at a steady pace;

◆ In the final stretch and relaxation, runners should choose lyrical music to relax the muscle group that has just been intensively used.

However, everyone’s experience with music is different from person to person. Some runners use 120-beat fast-paced music to ignite their passion, while others perform better in slow-paced music. If you like listening to music for running, you can pay attention to the relationship between music rhythm and running performance, and find the type of music that suits you best.


fartlek run

Fartlek refers to the speed game. The running process includes: acceleration, sprinting, jogging, and fast walking. You can switch freely between different speeds, and you can adjust your running style according to the current runway road conditions.

Running with Fartlek can relieve the troubles and boredom of beginner runners, and at the same time, it can enhance the running ability of the body and strengthen the endurance of muscles.

The whole process is carried out in a comfortable and pleasant state, and the destination set randomly during the running process avoids boring and can effectively relieve the nerve fatigue during running. Although the training effect is not as obvious as professional interval running, fartlek running is undoubtedly more suitable for beginners.


Participate in the competition

Marathon, color running, fluorescent night running and other running competitions can make you passionate and have a sense of achievement. Sign up for a race, enjoy the fun of thousands of people running together, you will find that running is very happy!



Finally, you have to remember that running is not a punishment, but a gift and a pleasure, and the more you run, the happier you are.