What should I do if rhinitis occurs in autumn? Don’t choose the wrong nasal wash!

I have been suffering from rhinitis since high school, and I have been unable to do anything about it. No matter where I go in spring, summer, autumn or winter, I always carry a tissue with me, especially when the seasons change, so I don’t dare to go out at all. However, I started washing my nose about 5-6 years ago, and it worked immediately. I have a lot of snot and nasal congestion. I feel very comfortable after washing it. I only wash it once a month, that is to say, when the rhinitis is very serious, if I wash it 2-3 times, it can be cured for half a year. Therefore, for patients with rhinitis, I strongly recommend buying a nasal washer, but the nasal washes on the market have such Many, what is the difference between them? I believe that many people do not know, the author here to do a simple science.

The so-called nasal wash is actually to clean the nasal cavity with physiological saline. Generally, the saline is inhaled from one nostril to the other nostril and discharged, or inhaled from both nostrils and discharged from the mouth. When the nasal mucosa is stimulated by foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc., it will become edema and secretions will increase, and we will feel nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. Through physical nasal washing, we can help us flush out the dirt in the nasal cavity and allow the nasal cilia to return to normal work.

Generally speaking, there are mainly the following types of nasal washes. The hand-held airbag type nasal wash is commonly used in hospitals. It is also similar to pressure and electric nasal washes. This type of nasal wash is more cost-effective than before. Yes, but there is a certain pressure imbalance, it is uncomfortable to use, easy to choke water, and it is easy to damage the nasal mucosa if the pressure is not well controlled; the water column type of the electric nasal washer, which can achieve pressure balance than the hand-held type, can flush the nasal cavity. Deeper parts, but the impact is larger, not suitable for small children.

At present, the latest nasal washer is the electric nasal washer spray type. Using the Venturi principle, the nasal wash is converted into 15-20um micron-sized mist particles by air pressure jet, which is mild and not easy to choke, so that it is evenly distributed in the root of the nasal cilia , and gradually penetrate into the nasal mucosa, deeply clean the nasal secretions and other harmful substances, and also provide a clean and healthy environment for the nasal cavity.

Recently, the author found a good product for nasal spray from Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding, which is the Impli Electric Spray Nasal Wash. It can switch to three modes with one key, which are suitable for children’s use, adults’ daily cleaning and deep cleaning of nasal cavity respectively. The spray is very soft and delicate, there will be no sudden impact, it is not easy to choke the nose, and children can use it with confidence.

This nasal washer has a dual-storage design of a water storage tank and a waste water tank. During use, the waste liquid will flow directly to the waste liquid tank, and will not flow out to the salt water tank, and it is very hygienic to wash your nose without dirtying your clothes. Compared with the traditional nasal wash that I used before, it is really so high that I don’t know where it is!

Impli Electric Spray Nasal Wash is reliable in quality, exquisite and compact, and can be mastered in one hand. At present, the product has been put on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding, and the price is 100 yuan.