What’s wrong with swollen hands after radiotherapy for colon cancer? How to treat and relieve symptoms

Colon cancer is a common malignant tumor of the digestive tract, and radiotherapy is one of the important methods for the treatment of colon cancer. However, radiation therapy can cause a range of side effects, including swelling of the hands. So, what’s wrong with swollen hands after radiotherapy for colon cancer? How to treat and relieve symptoms?

1. The impact of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is an important method in the treatment of colon cancer, but while it destroys cancer cells, it may also have certain side effects on surrounding healthy tissues. Among them, hand swelling is one of the common side effects. Hand swelling after radiotherapy may be due to tissue damage caused by radiotherapy or an abnormal immune response of the patient.

2. Causes of swollen hands

Tissue damage caused by radiation therapy: During radiation therapy, rays may cause damage to surrounding normal tissue, especially in the hands. This injury may result in obstruction of lymphatic flow to the hand, which can lead to swelling of the hand.

Abnormal immune response: Radiotherapy may induce the patient’s immune response, leading to abnormal activation of immune cells, which may lead to hand swelling.

Other causes: In addition to the above reasons, there may be other factors that cause hand swelling, such as malnutrition, drug reactions, etc.

3. Mitigation strategies

Physical therapy: including raising the hand, cold compress, hot compress, massage and other physical therapy methods, which can promote lymphatic drainage in the hand and relieve hand swelling.

Medication: The doctor may prescribe some medications to help patients relieve hand swelling, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, etc.

Adjust the dose and frequency of radiotherapy: For hand swelling caused by radiotherapy, the doctor may adjust the dose and frequency of radiotherapy, or change the location and method of radiotherapy.

Lifestyle adjustments: Patients also need to pay attention to adjustments in life, such as avoiding prolonged hand exertion, keeping hands clean and dry, and engaging in moderate exercise.

Nutritional support: Malnutrition may cause swelling in various parts of the body, so ensuring adequate nutritional intake can also help relieve hand swelling.

Psychological support: Patients undergoing radiation therapy may experience anxiety and stress, which may worsen symptoms of swollen hands. Therefore, providing appropriate psychological support and psychological counseling is also necessary to relieve hand swelling.

In order to fundamentally relieve symptoms, anti-tumor treatment should also be carried out. Modern pharmacological research and clinical practice have found that traditional Chinese medicine treatment has good efficacy in relieving symptoms, and has the advantages of having few side effects and being less likely to develop drug resistance. In addition to treating pain symptomatically and alleviating patients’ suffering, the anti-tumor effect of traditional Chinese medicine can also help control the condition and relieve pain from the cause, thereby exerting a long-lasting and stable analgesic effect. Therefore, it is recommended that patients cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine treatment as early as possible to control the condition, relieve pain and other symptoms, and improve the patient’s survival period and quality of life.

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Hand swelling after radiation therapy for colon cancer is a concern. Understanding its causes and adopting appropriate mitigation strategies can help improve patients’ quality of life. Although the process can be difficult, with the combined efforts of doctor and patient, most patients are able to successfully relieve symptoms of swollen hands. Support for patients is also crucial during this process.