What’s the shape of Halloween? These cool halloween looks will make you too handsome to have friends

The annual Halloween is coming soon. Before relaxing and playing, have friends thought about their “Halloween makeup”? After all, Halloween is super suitable for exaggerated makeup and “exotic costumes”. After all, this festival is about who is more brilliant and who is more eye-catching.

Whether it’s celebrity internet celebrities, fashion bloggers or beauty brands, they have all launched holiday limited edition makeup looks to provide everyone with makeup inspiration.

I don’t know if you have noticed, whether it’s “doll makeup”, “elf makeup” or “fairy makeup”… all of them are outstanding colors and long-lasting flawless makeup. After all, when you go out to parties and events, you don’t think about makeup. to have fun. Therefore, Sister SO also invited our old friend, teacher Jiajun, a fashion beauty expert, to teach everyone how to create a “light base makeup” that is compliant and does not take off makeup.

In order to create a “breakable” skin effect, Mr. Jiajun shared with you a wave of “light makeup” good things, you can buy them on Double Eleven~

The secret to super long-lasting Halloween makeup: Primer is important

Before applying the base makeup, Mr. Jiajun will take a small amount of primer with his fingers and gently push it away and rub it on the model’s face. Teacher Jiajun suggested that the amount of makeup primer must be a little less, otherwise the makeup will feel a little oily, and you will not be able to create a delicate matte finish.

CHANTECAILLE Chantecaille Purple Tube Isolation¥830/50g

As a must-have primer before makeup, it has been popular for many years, but it has always been the favorite of many celebrity cosmetics and beauty experts, and good things can stand the test of time! It mainly focuses on clear base makeup, can evenly brighten the skin tone, light and unburdened, and the skin condition is not good after staying up late, so it is especially suitable for use.

Tom Ford New Silk Mist Oil Control Makeup Primer¥690/30ml

A makeup primer that is very suitable for oily skin. It can easily fill in facial imperfections. It has a matte finish. It forms modules and is easy to push off. It is the T-zone that loves oil, and it can easily control the oil secretion of the skin like a switch, and control the oil without pulling it dry.

BOBBI BROWN Intensive Repair Essence Primer Cream ¥480/40ml

Cordyceps isolation, which is the mainstay of BB’s family, makes it easy for the skin to say goodbye to the troubles of dark yellow and makeup removal. It has the effect of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and a front isolation that can be easily held for sensitive skin and dry skin.

Halloween “Long Standby Light Base Makeup”: Choose a Foundation That Suits Your Skin Tone

When Mr. Jiajun is applying foundation makeup, she will take the liquid foundation on the back of her hand, and use a flat brush to dip a small amount of liquid foundation and brush it along the skin texture, so that the makeup will be lighter and will not damage the sunscreen. Dip the smudged foundation on the back of the hand with a flat-tip brush, brush it on other parts of the face, take it over the nose and eyelids, press lightly on the dark circles, and use the remaining powder to bring it over the lower neckline to reduce the color difference.

CPB Satin Moisturizing Cream¥1,080/21ml

A powder cream with good concealer, and it can cover acne marks of different colors. The powder is light and delicate, and the makeup is docile. No matter what skin type, you can hold it completely. 7 shades customized for Asian skin types, MM of all kinds of cool, medium and warm skin tones can find the one that suits them.

shu uemura Shu Uemura feather yarn long-lasting makeup foundation¥460/35ml

The popular Wang Yibo’s same type of liquid foundation in a small square bottle can make the whole skin feel hydrated, and it is the kind of non-greasy light feeling. It can be applied quickly, even after washing your face, without doing too much base makeup homework, apply It is also completely fine, the texture is light and thin, the makeup lasts for a long time, the face is docile, and it does not get stuck or take off the makeup.

sisley Sisley Nude Light Essence Water Foundation ¥700/30ml

A very clear water-feeling liquid foundation, can create a makeup look without makeup, no makeup feeling on the face, good skin is like “mother’s birth”, giving people a very light feeling, the foundation itself is very thin, easy to push off, put on The face can instantly blend with its own skin tone, and it is strongly recommended for mixed dry skin.

Exquisite makeup is indispensable for “make-up”, all kinds of tips you need to get

Before touching up your makeup, Ms. Jiajun suggested that you take a look at the puff first. If there is any powder left on the puff, you can press it directly on the spot that needs to be concealed. If there is not enough powder on the puff, don’t dip the entire puff with liquid foundation, but use the upper third of the puff to dip the foundation, so that if you use too much, you can use the remaining clean part to “rescue” the makeup. noodle. For makeup at the moment, you can fold the puff first, dip a little foundation, and press it on the root and under the eyes.


1. In order to maintain the same makeup effect before and after touch-up, the color of the foundation and the air cushion should be the same. Teacher Jiajun recommends that you go to the offline counter to test the color.

2. Do not choose a color that is too yellow for loose powder. You can take a photo with the original camera first, and then use retouching software such as Meitu Xiuxiu to feel which color temperature is more suitable for your skin. Use this as a reference to choose the color of loose powder.

MLB Soft Luxurious Flawless Light Cushion Liquid Foundation + Powder Box ¥360 (Shell: ¥160/14g, Refill: ¥200/14g)

MLB beauty, which has just entered the Chinese market, the first presbyopia black air cushion, the outer shell and inner core can be selected according to your own preferences and skin condition, 2 shells and 3 cores, the air cushion is fine and docile, and the long-lasting makeup does not take off. Makeup, drop-type puff, easy to apply makeup on small parts of the face, very suitable for normal and oily skin.

SUQQU Crystal Lighting and Waterproof Powder ¥559/11g

Japanese make-up SUQQU Jingcai’s newly launched air cushion powder is a slightly thick powder paste, which is very convenient to use or carry. Even without a primer, it can perfectly integrate the base makeup and the skin itself. The sponge puff also It is very elegant, the adsorption is excellent, it can be completely released when applying makeup, and it is OK to apply makeup and touch up.

YSL Saint Laurent “Powder Air Cushion” Rock Limited Edition ¥635/12g

A very high-value powder skin air cushion, it is very thin, the magnetic pole is designed at the opening, the foundation contains multiple skin nourishing essences, the makeup is moisturizing, refreshing, not sticky, natural and non-masked, and the drop-shaped puff, even for subtle makeup. It can also be easily covered.

Concealer also needs to be divided into parts, avoid too thick in order to create a clear base makeup

Teacher Jiajun suggests that when concealing concealer, do not use the heaviest color, but use a color similar to your skin texture. If you want to cover dark circles, draw a “Y” under your eyes; if you want to cover the tear ditch, draw a “line”. After applying the concealer, gently spread it with your fingers to avoid the concealer being too thick, and then use the rest of the foundation brush. Press the powder lightly to cover the traces of concealer and create a base makeup without color difference.

IPSA Infsa Perfect Perfecting Concealer SPF25+/PA+++ ¥290/4.5g

It is definitely a good concealer that has a lot of powder without promotion. Almost every celebrity stylist has a set. It is small and exquisite. It comes with a small brush, which is easy to use. It can fix 10 major flaws in one set. Tattoo, make-up docile.

NARS Radiance Smoothing Concealer¥300/6ml

A very popular concealer with great concealing power. The design of the brush head is very convenient to use. It covers small blemishes on the face without appearing heavy, and has good covering power. There are multiple shades to choose from, you can choose like a foundation. It suits your skin tone and the type of blemishes you need to cover.

CHANEL Chanel Pearl Radiance Concealer Pen SPF50+/PA+++ ¥360/2.7g

The face value is very high, like a lipstick, it turns out to be a concealer, which can be applied directly to the blemishes on the face. It is very convenient, the texture is rich and delicate, and it can quickly cover skin blemishes. .

Setting makeup is definitely an essential step for Halloween. Be a delicate halloween girl

Teacher Jiajun told everyone in the live broadcast that Xiu Rong can brush wherever he wants to lose weight, but “the amount should be small, and the practice should be light.” Gently swipe with a contouring brush on the jawline and under the apple muscle, and brush on the underside of the lips to create a “toot lip” effect.

At the end of the makeup, I suggest you to find a large brush that is not too loose, and swipe loose powder on the face to create a “smoothing” feeling.

NARS Translucent Honey Powder ¥400/10g

It is definitely a single product in the loose powder industry, NARS big white cake, the powder is very delicate, swipe after makeup, the makeup will not leave marks, the powder will not fly, and a layer of makeup will make the skin look delicate and flawless. The delicate light feeling, the makeup is clear and clean.

Charlotte Tilbury Soft Focus Beauty Repair Powder¥ 420/8g

It is also a powder with a good reputation. It has a micron-level visual makeup sense, a small golden plate with fog, soft focus, lock makeup, and skin care in one step. A loose powder that is well worth having.

Givenchy Givenchy Star Si Gongge Loose Powder¥570/4*3g

They are all star-level loose powders. This Givenchy Si Gongge Loose Powder has been popular for many years and is still classic. It has super high value and super fine powder, which makes people love it. It comes with a puff and is easy to use. Skin is delicate and naturally luminous.

Lipstick is a must for Halloween

On Halloween, everyone may choose a brighter lipstick, so how can we create a good-looking effect? Teacher Jiajun taught everyone to dip lipstick with fingers, apply it to the middle of the lips of the upper and lower lips, and then sip it off. At night, if the light is dim, you can add a layer of lipstick to accentuate the color.

LANCOME Lancome “Small Waist” Lipstick [email protected] Limited Edition ¥310

Lancome’s waist is definitely the favorite of many makeup artists and skin beauty experts. Not only does it look good, but it is also extremely moisturizing. The small waist with its own high value has launched a limited edition in cooperation with [email protected] in October in a few years. , and “put on” a white coat to make the original interesting lipstick look even cooler.

bobbi brown stunning luxury gold lipstick ¥335/3.5g

The appearance is high, the moisturizing degree is good, the upper lip semi-matte texture, velvet-like touch, very delicate and silky, the newly upgraded stunning luxury gold lipstick has a unique texture, the unique golden outer packaging, no matter when you put on makeup Makeup or make-up can make you the brightest in the audience!

Armani Armani Legendary Red Tube Brand New “Cinnabar” Series ¥330

Armani’s legendary red tube, a very classic lip glaze, this year launched a new “Candra” series, inspired by the classic red wall of the Chinese Forbidden City, following the traditional red tube full of high-end velvet matte texture, liquid formula, The upper lip is light and delicate, hydrated and comfortable.

Once you’ve created a flawless base, you can add a unique Halloween look to your liking.

You can use the colored eyeliner or black eyeliner directly to outline fine lines on the eyes and cheeks or draw a cool pattern that you think.

For a more eye-catching effect, try a color you don’t normally use. For example, after finishing the normal makeup process and drawing the eyebrows and eyes, use a green eye shadow to paint the eyebrows, use a more contrasting eye shadow to create an eye effect, and apply a reddish-brown lipstick to add a bloody effect.

You can also directly use basic makeup to draw a circle shape at the moment. Halloween is not crazy, when will you wait?

The editor found some simple Halloween looks of beauty bloggers, you can refer to them yourself:

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu blogger

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu blogger

Of course, there is another way that is more friendly to the “handicapped party”, which is to directly buy tattoo stickers online and stick them on the face. For example, the makeup face of beauty blogger Pony uses tattoo stickers directly, and the effect is also very good.

If you are purely entertaining yourself and create a sense of Halloween atmosphere at home, all kinds of Meitu cameras have also released relevant stickers on the eve of Halloween. You can create a “beautiful” Halloween shape without drawing by hand.