What’s the matter with a pustule in the nose

  The long pustules in the nasal cavity usually grow in the position of the nasal vestibule. After entering the nasal cavity, the nasal threshold is used as the dividing line.

  The place beyond the demarcation is the skin tissue, which is prone to pustules and folliculitis infection, and the mucosal tissue within the nasal threshold generally does not cause pustules.

  Then if it is said that there is a pustule in the nasal vestibule, you may need to apply some antibiotic ointment for disinfection at the beginning. If it cannot be relieved, go to a professional institution for medical treatment in time.

  Depending on the situation, oral or infusion can be used.

  Do not squeeze the pustules with your hands, because the front end of the nasal cavity belongs to the danger triangle. If the danger triangle is squeezed, the purulent secretions or infection foci will be retrogradely infected, causing brain infection and even life-threatening. Therefore, the pustules in the danger triangle cannot be squeezed.