What lessons does the 2023 Spring/Summer Fashion Week learn from everyday life? |Look at the show and learn collocation

Christie’s auction house sold a digital painting of $70 million last year. A digital painting that does not exist in physical form sold for nearly $70 million in an online auction, far exceeding the auction price of many famous paintings. This transaction is really unprecedented. .

Those who don’t know must want to ask, what kind of painting is this? This work is called “Daily Life: The First 5000 Days”. 5000 paintings are collaged together.

Then someone must ask why it is so expensive, because its uniqueness is mainly NFT digital collections, and NFT.

The advent of the digital sci-fi era has led to great differences in everyone’s perception and direction of things, including the design and aesthetics that have affected the entire fashion industry.

Zoom in on details – big and small

When it comes to the digital sci-fi era, the first thing that comes to my mind is to play with size, not dice, but to enlarge or reduce normal proportions of things. people.


Ultraman as a kid.

When I grew up, I was intimidated by Transformers. Although these examples are very strange, but the normal size comparison makes people feel like non-Earth creatures.

The latest 2023 spring and summer LV show is to enlarge the classic elements of LV.

“Squid Game” heroine Zheng Haoyan is the opening model, and she has oversized zippers on her body.

You know that many details of LV are enlarged, such as the zipper of the ALMA BB handbag is enlarged and placed on the ready-to-wear.

The key case that is found on many classic bags has also been made into a big bag.

The large lock on the bag was designed as a shoulder strap on the skirt.

Classic bag locks are printed on leather and shirts.

It also became a large belt for leather skirts.

In particular, this show Nicolas Ghesquière specially invited French modern artist Philippe Parreno and art director James Chinlund to create an environmentally friendly set called “monster-flower”, which is a huge red flower. Unlike earth creatures, it is very Futuristic, like the arrival of a spaceship.

Below the red flower is the show, and the models are like soldiers, streaming out.

Changing ratios in life

In reality, ordinary people will also dress in this way, specifically by changing the proportions. Take me, for example, my makeup is very feminine, I can even look tender, but my clothes are often one size larger, one size larger jacket and vest.

  Canada Goose 2022

One-size-fits-all white suit.

White suit: BA&SH 2022 spring and summer

Otherwise, choose men’s clothing to wear.

Left: PRADA 2022 autumn and winter men’s clothing Right: PRADA 2023 spring and summer men’s clothing

The fabric will also be relatively wide, and it will be more aura. In fact, it has increased its proportion in disguise.

PRADA 2022 autumn and winter men’s clothing  

PRADA 2022 autumn and winter men’s clothing  

Even if you choose clothes that are a little closer, it is a suit with wide shoulders and padded hips.

BOTTEGA VENETA Women’s Fall/Winter 2022

In fact, many brands have been doing changes in the size ratio in the past two years. The latest PRADA 2023 spring and summer women’s clothing not only changed the proportion of the bow, but also changed its position. The original bow on the waist, chest or shoulders was beautifully changed to the back. Dropped to the ground, an evening dress element was added to a neutral suit.

PRADA 2023 spring and summer women’s clothing

The whole show of PRADA 2023 spring and summer women’s clothing has a lot of superposition of tulle and leather jackets of suits.

Many wide taffeta suits are mixed with flowing ribbons, expressed in simple and powerful black and white.

PRADA has sold so well in recent years, also because it understands people’s hearts. This season’s show has been built into a black paper space, and the whole show is filled with a gloomy and fragile atmosphere. Our world is fragile, beauty is fragile, like paper, wrinkled and fragile.

At the same time, this season’s handbags, including fabrics, are also derived from this, folded flowers.

Pleated bags and crinkled fabrics were meant to embody the fragility of beauty. But in the eyes of ordinary people like me, the clothes and trousers have the beauty of the original state of the fabric behind them. We don’t have to worry about the wideness and meticulousness of evening suits. Its folds and defects are magnified into a kind of art, a kind of incomplete beauty, which is more natural and confident.

So when I carry this bag with my ruffled trousers, I feel more relaxed than ever.

GUCCI twins are for expression clones 

Gucci Twinsberg is the theme of this GUCCI 2023 spring and summer show. “Twinsburg” originates from Twinsburg, Ohio, USA, also known as Twins City. The Twins Festival is held every year, and this twins series is born.

With so many twins, the artificial mirror image is still very shocking, and I don’t know whether to praise mechanization or irony.

It has a pre-show preview that thinks that many people in the machine will appear at the same time, if there are many people in the world that I will walk with. . Terrifying and shocking.

In my opinion, the twins are to express clones, and I have taken a photo similar to the effect of twins before. If this point echoes the outfits, the ones I can think of in reality are CP outfits and parent-child outfits.

The easiest thing is to find the exact same clothes. I and 10 wore the same down jackets, skirts and sweaters of the same brand for mother and daughter in autumn and winter.

If you don’t want to wear the same style, you can consider the same color and the same material. For example, the same vest and taffeta, the same type of leather jacket and the same type of denim are all classic combinations.

A little more advanced, you can come up with some contrasting colors.

I feel that when it comes to CP, the Kennedys have to be pulled out for a walk, although the evening wear is amazing enough.

But I still prefer their daily routines, with daddy pants and corduroy pants, slowly retro feeling.

Your headband, my headband details echo.

Both are white trousers, you are beige, I am white, both cotton and linen texture, and finally must have the same color sunglasses to echo.

In fact, a good CP outfit is just this thing. If you distribute what I can wear on my body and what is engraved in my bones, the two of us will not be in conflict with each other. The highest realm is that you don’t have to wear the same clothes, but in the same atmosphere, for example, take the other party’s color on yourself.

The same material everyone wears their own, but the small details should be echoed.

Well, this issue will pick a few shows from the spring and summer of 2023 to learn from. I will write it here first. I am going to watch my “Rock and Roll”, and I will write about Yao Chen in the next issue.

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