What kind of person should keep a certain distance?

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There are not only good people in the world, and not all bad people. When making friends, you must look at the essence through the phenomenon. The following types of people must be guarded to prevent them from being dragged down by each other in real life and work.


A person who likes to talk big and like to brag.

When such a person speaks, he often strays from the facts, exaggerates or makes up his words.

Sometimes when chatting, it’s harmless to brag appropriately, and everyone has a good time together, and the atmosphere of the chat will become more relaxed.

But if you are accustomed to speaking in this way in your daily life, then such people should pay attention.

Some people talk big and bluff in order to elevate themselves . They are afraid that others will look down on them, so they can only use this way to show that they are powerful and want others to look up to them;

Some people just exaggerate the facts at the beginning, but they find that they can deceive everyone’s trust , and they are psychologically satisfied, and they will form a psychology of bragging.

Whatever their purpose, such people are often more than successful.

Verbally promise you good, but you may not do it. Even if you do it, the final result is very far from what you said. Not only can it not help you get things done, but it will also miss you, so you can keep a distance from them. , just stay away from them, and don’t expect too much from this kind of person to help you do anything.


A duplicitous hypocrite.

On the surface, this kind of person is generous and decent, has high morals, and is open-minded, but in fact, he is very despicable and shameless. Don’t think that this kind of person has real “righteousness” at all.

Compared with villains, such hypocrites are more terrifying, because they are more greedy than villains, that is, they want fame and profits.

You never know when he will stretch out the knife in his hand for his own benefit and stab you in the back. They only pursue self-interest, regardless of courtesy and integrity. This is the most terrifying.

Because this kind of person wears a mask, it is not easy for you to identify it in your daily work and life. Therefore, you must improve your precautions. For new people around you, you must keep your eyes open and learn to “observe words and colors”, not at first Be honest with each other about everything.

At the same time, listen to other people’s evaluation of them, and then compare with their own cognition, try to make a more objective judgment and evaluation.

When you discover the real mask of the other party, you can better protect yourself by adhering to the principle of “non-essential contact”.


A person who harms others and benefits himself, and forgets his righteousness.

For the sake of petty profits, this kind of person can benefit himself at the expense of others, and chase his own interests by stepping on the shoulders of others.

Their principle is that interests come first. For their own interests, they can abandon all principles. In their eyes, there are no good or bad things, only things that are beneficial to them. As long as they are profitable, what righteousness, morality, norms and customs are in their eyes. does not exist.

In particular, those who are betraying friends and seeking glory for their own interests must not be ignored in this competitive society. Like hypocrites, they wear masks to call others brothers, but once they have to choose between interests and friends, They must have sold their friends without hesitation.

In the face of such people who forget their own interests, they must recognize their essence, keep a distance from them, and do not have any relationship with them in terms of interests, otherwise they will not know how they will be sold in the end.

Instead of solving troubles later, it is better to avoid troubles from the beginning. Once you find something wrong in the process of getting along with such people, you must take measures to take the initiative to prevent problems and avoid losses.

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