What kind of experience is it to replace the full role of Yuanshen with the Nilu version, the sense of disobedience is full, but the eyes are in place

Recently, “Yuan Shen” has updated the new character Nilu that everyone is thinking about. As another character who can sing and dance well in the game, Nilu’s beautiful fighting style and good-looking big moves have attracted the attention of the original gods. A few days after Nilu launched the game, the big guys used her to create a variety of second-generation videos. Among them, the most “black” is the creation of the famous UP master “Little Bug” by Yuanshen ‘s video.

This boss replaced all the characters in Yuanshen with Nilu’s ultimate dance moves. The UP also specially used AI dubbing to simulate the release of Nilu’s big move lines, “please look good, this dance is dedicated to you, dance with the waves.” Thanks to UP, the original god who enjoyed this video Players, spirits have been strongly impacted.

However, in the spirit of “come all come”, Yuanshen players put on the expression “Old Man Subway Mobile Phone.jpg” and began to comment on the movements of the Yuanshen characters’ Nilu big move. Under everyone’s careful observation, it is generally believed that in this “Nilu Imitation Contest”, the best female characters should be the opera master Yun Jin and Liyue’s “contractor” Ke Qing. It’s normal for Yun Jin to perform well. After all, she is a master of opera, so mere dancing is naturally not difficult for her.

Ke Qing is quite interesting. As we all know, Lord Yuhengxing in the game always gives people a very capable feeling, and in this dance, the UP master did not make too many changes, but Ke Qing will Her cute appearance that everyone wanted to see the most was revealed. So much so that when everyone saw Ke Qing’s actions, they started calling for his wife again.

Of course, there are those that are particularly suitable and those that are full of incongruity. For example, when the male character in Genshinami uses Nilu to move, let alone how awkward it is. However, although the sense of disobedience of the characters is very high, careful netizens still find that under this action, the eyes of the characters are gentle. In particular, the charming eyes of characters like Wendy, Mandrill, and Wanye in the game can’t be stopped.

In fact, everyone can find this, not only the reason of this UP master. As early as January this year, “Dr_Chicken” once released a video of all the characters of the original God imitating Barbara’s ultimate move. In that video, everyone found out that the characters in Yuanshen, whether male or female, have special movements and expressions. It can only be said that in terms of making players’ eyes black, the Yuanshen bosses have achieved success.

So, I don’t know if you have seen those dazzling Yuanshen Erchuang videos? You are welcome to leave an address in the comment area, so that everyone can taste your happiness together.