What kind of experience is it like to be killed by a werewolf all the time? Did you get shot?

Everyone who plays Werewolf must have encountered the “wonderful experience” of taking the magic card to eat poison and being sniped, taking the wolf card to get the first test, and being a villager honestly and being the first knife ! No matter what identity you touch, How old am I?

Dear players, have you experienced this kind of despair? Do you know what kind of experience it is to always get the first kill when playing Werewolf ? Why are some people always killed by the first knife? Qiuqiu and friends discussed the reason for this situation and see if it is what you think it is——

Out of respect for the best players

A group of people have become familiar with Werewolf and have a certain understanding of each other’s game level. For example, in the last game, you found that he played Werewolf very well, and successfully “deceived” all the good people, then he must have “some ability”, except for the first inspection, first kill, blind poison, etc. It is very likely that it will appear to these people…

Avatar/skin/ID is too conspicuous

Looking special is always the most eye-catching. In front of a group of ordinary avatars, an avatar with cool special effects will always attract everyone’s attention, and skills want to be put on him. The same is true in Running Wolves, where oddly dressed people also get more follow or stares than others (numbers are also easier to remember).

Some people are “attracted” because of their avatars and skins, and there are also people who suffer because of their IDs. Some nice or weird IDs can always attract players’ attention.

For example, the ID is called “I am a wolf prior to me”, “Wolf dare not knife me”, “The great prophet will take you”, “Come over and knife me” and so on, no matter whether he got it or not, it is the same as the ID The identity of the player will attract the attention of other players. After confirming his eyes, he is the one who wants a knife! After all, everyone is curious and rebellious!

Of course, there are also some friends who may be born with a “black physique”. Even if they are not killed by a werewolf, they will be voted to death by everyone… The only feeling in the whole process is: grievance! experience? nonexistent.

Have you ever encountered such an embarrassing situation when playing Werewolf? Has anything interesting happened to you? Welcome to leave a message to discuss~