What kind of combat power can the amphibious giant ship “group” be deployed?

my country’s self-developed

Type 075 amphibious assault ship

It has a displacement of 40,000 tons.

through-deck amphibious assault ship

Can carry more than 20 helicopters

Also has a dock-type cabin

as amphibious weapon

How many ways does it “group” out?

Type 075 amphibious assault ship

Can form a task force with an aircraft carrier

Has both strong air and sea control capabilities

Also has a strong amphibious assault capability

Type 075 and Type 071 Mating

Amphibious strike group

Type 075 can become the core force of the amphibious strike group

Type 071 dock landing ship

Mainly responsible for amphibious transport tasks

Type 075 amphibious assault ship

Also in regular action

Serve as command ship and strike group pivot

with other non-amphibious warships

Forming a joint combat capability that integrates the sea and the air

Upvote for the domestic giant ship

(Source: CCTV Military)