What is the worldview of the “EVE” mobile game? Uncover the backstory of the Gallente Federation

In the last issue, we talked about the background story of the United States of Caldari, the capital force in the EVE mobile game. In the story, we mentioned that they were once invaded by the Gallentes, which aroused the United States of Caldari. The prosperous rise of the Gallente Federation, and what kind of strength does the Gallente Federation have, or, in other words, what ability do they have to fight against the capitalist powers, this is what we are about in this issue.

Freedom and democracy. If you want to evaluate what citizens of the Gallente Federation are, these two words must be the best. It has to be said that the Gallentes are more religious than the Amarr Empire and Garda. When the people in the country obey the law, they are completely in the opposite direction. They naturally feel that they are pretentious, and they are nosy, and always talk about freedom, but they have also practiced these words perfectly. significance.

And unlike the Emma Empire’s vigilance against cultural products, the Gallentes are very keen on the entertainment industry. They have always called themselves a cultural power. In the Gallente Federation, almost all entertainment products in the entire sector are ruled. , from small porn movies to large-scale war movies, they can make them, thus satisfying the spiritual emptiness of many EVE citizens who have lost contact with the earth.

And unlike the single nation of the Amarr Empire and the United States of Caldari, the citizens of the Gallente Federation are composed of multiple races. Many citizens within the Federation are from other countries, including the Amarr Empire and Caldari. In the United States, in short, this federation is composed of multi-racial people, so the organization within them is extremely loose, and there may even be a tendency to split. Therefore, the Gallentes need to find an enemy for themselves, so as to unite their own internal organization. people.

And unlike citizens of other countries, the gap between the rich and the poor within Gallente is also very huge. The richest people in the entire EVE world are Gallentes, and they can even be rich enough to rival the country, but at the same time, The poor population within the Gallente is also very large, and the free market also means that new conflicts will inevitably arise between them. At this time, for the Gallentes, it is even more necessary to transfer such conflicts.

At this time, invading other countries became the best choice, and the target they chose to invade was the still weak Caldari United States. They launched an interstellar war and sent troops to invade Caldari. The United States, Caldari at that time was stunned by the Gallente invasion and was completely unable to compete with it. It was quickly occupied, but they did not really surrender, but they knew that their current strength was not as good as them. Chose forbearance.

With the continuous expansion of the Gallentes, the rule of the Gallentes is somewhat unsustainable. After all, the territory is so large, and many places are occupied and cannot be governed. This gives the Caldari an opportunity, and they secretly exert their strength. , After years of development, he finally grew to the point where he could get rid of the Gallentes. He decisively declared independence, which surprised the Gallentes, and they immediately launched a crusade against the Caldari.

But now they are no longer what they used to be. How could they be comparable to the Gallentes? As a result, the two sides fought for a long time, and neither of them could do anything about the other, but they objected to coming back and being pressed on the ground by the other side and rubbed against the ground, and the consumption of both sides They are all very big. At this time, everyone also discovered that if they fought like this, they would only be cheap to watch the Emma Empire. Therefore, they signed an agreement, the two sides temporarily stopped confrontation, and initially reached a reconciliation agreement.

So, if we get here, we have finished talking about the background story of the Gallente Federation. In the next issue, we will bring you the story of the Minmatar Republic to tell you about tribal culture and freedom in the EVE worldview. country, what kind of nation they are, this is the next issue.