What is the worldview of “EVE Mobile Games”? Uncover the backstory of the Minmatar Republic

In the last issue, we learned the story of the Gallente Federation, the democratic country of EVE mobile games, and learned that they are a country founded on culture and democracy, but the country is a place with a serious gap between the rich and the poor. Because they launched a war to the outside world in order to divert the contradictions, then, in this issue, let’s talk about the story of another powerful race, the Minmatar Republic, to see what kind of country they are.

To tell the story of Minmatar, we have to go back to those who came to EVE first. The Minmatar at the beginning was composed of tribes, but the tribes were not very united. Therefore, There are often civil wars between tribes, so that they lose a lot to each other, but with the collapse of the EVE gate, they gradually realized the importance of unity, and the united Minmatar quickly broke out. strength.

The country’s comprehensive national strength has also begun to rise gradually, becoming a considerable force in the star area, and even the mechanical technology is becoming more and more powerful, and the gradually rising Minmatar people also quickly attracted the attention of the Emma Empire. They couldn’t contain sand in their eyes. After all, it was definitely not acceptable for them. So they soon launched a war of aggression, and their arms couldn’t twist their thighs. Although the Minmatar resisted, the powerful Ai In front of the Ma Empire, they are still at a disadvantage.

In the end, the Minmatar became slaves of the Amarr Empire and were forced to accept their enslavement. They were oppressed by the Amarr Empire for centuries and could not stand up until an accident, when the Amarr Empire invaded Galen The Special Federation suffered an unprecedented defeat. After this setback, the Minmatar people also realized that the Amarr Empire was not invincible, and they gradually began to show signs of resistance.

Until a later incident, at that time, the war between the Amarr Empire and the Jupiters broke out, but it ended in a disastrous defeat again, which strengthened the consciousness of the Minmatar people, and they decided to seize the general trend of the decline of the Amarr Empire. , and thus revolted and overthrew the slave owners who enslaved them. After years of war, the Minmatar successfully restored their homeland and sphere of influence. The Minmatar who regained freedom did not forget this humiliating history. , has been desperately building his country.

And now the Minmatar people are not completely united, there are still some people in other countries, one-third of the population is still enslaved by the Amarr Empire, and some people are even in the Gallente Federation. However, it is precisely because of this group of people that a powerful political group has been established in the Gallente Federation, which has caused the Gallente Federation to maintain tension with the Amarr Empire for a long time, thus ignoring their existence.

Of course, because the Minmatars are scattered among the various EVE countries, the Mimartars are very clear about the news and developments of other countries, and can adjust their own policies according to the intelligence data of various countries. However, this does not mean The Minmatar people are united. In fact, internally, the Minmatar people still attach great importance to blood and family, so that the internal Minmatar people are not as united as they appear.

So, here, the story of the Minmatar Republic is over. Their country, as a whole, is more like a country of primitive tribes. Next, we will bring you another empire, also known as EVE mobile game. The Jupiter Empire, the strongest empire, what is the situation of this empire, and what kind of country will we see? This is our next story.