What is the world view of “EVE Mobile Games”? Uncover the backstory of the Caldari Republic

In the last issue, we briefly talked about the strongest Emma Empire in the EVE next door. At the beginning of this issue, we will talk about its opponent, the United States of Caldari, which is also known as the second child of EVE. Take a look at this What is the origin of the United States of Caldari, which can make it so rampant in the entire EVE world, and even be on an equal footing with the Amarr Empire, and be able to defeat them, then, without further ado, let’s start.

The story, I have to go back to a few super groups. Before the gate of EVE collapsed, these super groups were still very weak, just a small force, but they came to EVE’s side, and they began to keep going. The rise, slowly, has become a well-known super group in the EVE world, and these groups gradually have the idea of ​​monopoly. Of course, there was not much conflict between their major groups.

But later, since the gate of EVE collapsed, conflicts between several groups broke out, and due to the contradictions, they directly had fierce competition, even to the brink of war, because everyone hoped to be able to Get the resources of the other party, but because of the Gallente invasion, the senior leaders of several groups realized that everyone must be united, otherwise no one will be better off, and the war will consume a lot of each other’s wealth, so each group They sat down to negotiate and reached a consensus.

So, it became the United States of Caldari that we saw. Although the infighting between several groups stopped, the competition did not stop because of this, and the competition between them was also very fierce. As a result, the competition The fierceness has instead spawned a huge consumer market. Under such a market, the citizens who are in it have benefited a lot, making the citizens of the United States of Caldari have a significantly better quality of life than other countries.

But don’t think that the countries controlled by several major groups are weak in terms of strength. In fact, on the contrary, even though Caldari does not have the vast territory of the Gallente Federation, it is impossible to compare with the Amarr Empire. In the economic market, Caldari has established a powerful military force, and due to the martial style of national blood, the powerful Amarr Empire is afraid of Caldari.

And because of the aggressive nature of Caldari, they also like to interfere in the affairs of other countries in terms of diplomacy, and because Caldari’s private capital controls the country’s trade, the effect of other empires’ economic sanctions on it is almost zero. Because the sanctioned companies can completely rely on the domestic market, so as to free themselves from the impact of sanctions, and even the entire group is willing to support its companies.

Moreover, due to the invasion of the Gallentes in the early years, Caldari was still very weak and was forced to cede the territory to the Gallente Federation, which made the people of Caldari feel very shameful. Forbearance, each group has a common goal, that is to build a powerful Caldari United States, so there is the current Caldari United States, a United States that does not belong to any country in terms of military power.

Of course, for citizens, the United States of Caldari is also a double-edged sword. If you do your job well, take it seriously, and obey the law, your life will be very good. The resources in all aspects are not bad, but at the same time, once the law is violated, the offender will lose everything, and even be swept out of the house, so it is inevitable that the citizens here will lose their individuality.

At this point, the background story of the United States of Caldari is finished. In fact, in general, this country is a bit like the current old beauty. Then, in the next video, I will take you to talk about Gallente. The story of the Federation, your favorite classmates, don’t forget to follow us, we will see you in the next issue, bye bye!