What is the world view of “EVE Mobile Games”? Demystifying the backstory of Jupiter

In the last issue, we talked about the story of the primitive tribe in the EVE mobile game and the Minmatar Republic, which is also the country with the most backward technology. However, one thing was also mentioned here, that is, there is the most mysterious race, Jupiter. People, this country is not officially recorded, and players can’t choose them, so that this character is almost forgotten by players, so the question is, what is the situation of Jupiter? This is our story today.

Unlike other countries living in the main core systems of EVE, the areas where the Jupiters live are very far away from other spheres of influence, and because the Jupiters maintain a certain distance from other countries, many countries are full of them. The mysterious sense of curiosity, so that this country is still not familiar to people, no one knows where they are, where they exist, only that there is such a group of people.

Once, the incomparably powerful Amarr Empire did not expect to encounter an unprecedented fiasco when it invaded the Gallente Federation. In order to retain their face as an empire and to divert the low morale caused by the defeat, they chose to launch another battle. The war, that is, the invasion of the Jupiters, I thought that such a country far away from the core galaxy was no match for the Amarr Empire.

Unexpectedly, they were slapped in the face again. The army dispatched by the Amarr Empire suffered an unprecedented defeat in the battle to invade them. Not only was the army dispatched by themselves miserable, but the losses were also huge. , After this war, the Emma Empire completely lost its hegemonic status, leaving no strong enemies in the EVE world. With such a powerful combat power, it is inevitable that people will be curious about who the Jupiter is.

Unlike other forces, the Jupiter is a very strange race. The main reason is that they have mastered the genetic technology and used its technology to solve many problems that plagued human beings. This result also makes Jupiter. Humans are becoming less and less like humans in terms of appearance, but this approach also makes their civilization show a trend of diversification, and even in some areas it is even more powerful than other races.

But it is undeniable that the Jupiters are definitely not a conservative race. They are eager to learn more advanced knowledge and culture. For this reason, they have even used their own science and technology to go to other races many times to obtain their information and advanced technology. Thus maintaining their lead in a number of areas, which also contributed to their decisive victory in the first war against the mighty overlord Amarr.

However, they were good at using genetic technology, and they also caused a very serious accident. Due to the more advanced genetic technology, the Jupiters began to lose the kind of humanity that humans should have, although they suppressed it. People’s instinctive responses to some creatures increased people’s creativity, but at the same time, they triggered a very serious genetic mutation, which led to the collapse of the original Jupiter empire.

Therefore, the surviving Jupiters are still quite strict with genetic technology, and after centuries of continuous reconstruction and development, the current Jupiters have completely become a unique force in the entire star region. However, today, If they can become one of the best powers in such an era, they must go through a painful process. Whether they can return to their former glory, no one can say.