What is the strength of the hero of Dota 2 Aquaman?

Aquaman is the representative of “attribute monster”, so it is strong in any version. For example, an ice girl with 1000 strength, 1000 intelligence and 1000 agility, can any hero beat her? Can’t beat it at all. The Ice Girl can’t beat the 6 squares on the opposite side.

The water man is such an unpretentious numerical monster. No matter how good the equipment of other heroes is, there is always an upper limit, but the upper limit of the water man is always 2 times that of other heroes. The water man can compare the high attack with the sensitive core and the toughness with the meat core. After forming, it is worth noting any late stage. Just relying on the numerical value, it can stand directly with the big brother on the opposite side.

So you say where is the water man strong? Just under the same equipment, its panel value is always higher than the opposite. Of course, strong attributes do not mean that you can win. There are too many control skills of Imba in Dota. The picture of 30,000 water people lying down for one second appears tens of thousands of times every year. Everyone is probably tired of watching it.

Moreover, the water man is very weak in the early and mid-term. Selecting the water man is equivalent to teammates playing 4 against 5 for at least 20 minutes. In the later stage, teammates also need to supplement the control to Lotus, so it is not a core that can decide the outcome of the game by itself. From this point of view, the water man is actually not strong, it is just that the mechanism is not weak.

Where is the water man strong? I will analyze it from the current version of the water man.

This is from two aspects, passers-by and competition. These are two different aspects. I mainly talk about competition.

First, when we see it in the game, we will analyze the bp first. What is the water man afraid of? From the perspective of hero mechanics, what he fears most is the ice soul, the big ashes, and secondly, the treatment reduction of the big hidden knife and the ice eye, what is his core? Back to the blood! Meat! In terms of low survivability, as the big brother of Dota, what we need to know is that in general, they are very meaty, because only when they can stand up will they have output. Otherwise, they are very easy to die. The water man is a combination of easy to die and meat. At the extreme, test the operation response. He is contradictory, and it is because of this that he can better reflect the level of an operator, and in return his output and survival are also extremely high.

From the hero skills, let’s analyze one by one. One skill wave, skill lifting means, and mana consumption is okay. As the main escape and clearing method of the water man, with the talent, it gives the water man the capital and magic skills to cut in and escape.

The second skill is used as a means for the water man to break out, and the combination of the virtual sword is the mainstream method now. He can cause the enemy’s attrition in an instant. It is very important to have one less person and less skills. Often the soy sauce on the opposite side does not respond at all. It’s been seconds, and many lineups are even more critical than the big brother, and whether or not to release skills can determine a team battle. Such as God’s Domain, Thrall, Poison Dog and so on.

The three skills, as the essential energy-saving skills of the water man, the core skills, and the conversion of agility, this is the soul of the water man, the transsensitivity output is high farm and fast, the power conversion can survive and eat skills, and it can also bleach with low blood volume. The key point is that this hero is comfortable with positive and negative complements when laning, because the agility attack is high, and the hand is good, the long-range soldiers can be compensated at the second level, and they are not afraid of being denied. It’s hard to kill if it erupts or roams (except for the line-fighter hero hahahaha)

The big move, transforming into other heroes, this is an infinitely possible skill, transforming into a plane, becoming a teammate buffalo combination, changing into a wr, infinite wind steps, etc. In short, as long as it is possible, there can be miracles and unexpected possibilities. .

Let’s sum up, this is all the characteristics of a perfect hero, output, survival, the key is that he can play shield (someone wants to say that someone can’t play shield, in fact, if you take my word, the hero who can play shield is actually Which werewolves, ta, pat these, you have to fight fast and not hurt), infinite possibilities, as long as you are strong enough, you can create miracles, and there are not many heroes who can limit him.

But the difference between a master and a rookie is very big, not to mention a certain ame, a water man needs a system, a system around him, he can create everything. Now the nikobaby of team a is also a water man who often plays water man, ig’s emo, zhizhizhi (also likes to play with ants and so on, often die suddenly) the rejecter, water man is a big C, I think the most versatile C is A carry must know, must play well.

From the selection of equipment, a player’s understanding is what is the core equipment of the water man? Void Blade, Clone, Lincoln, Ice Eye, Butterfly, BKB, Cannon, Golden Hoop, Satan, Diandian, his choices are diverse, and he can choose from a more formal lineup. He has the ability to adapt to the game. c Most of his builds are fixed, and each piece can qualitatively improve his combat effectiveness. The water man can naked Lincoln, do you try other heroes?

That is to say, Aquaman can suit most lineups and situations. As long as you are strong enough and your reaction is fast enough, you are everything. Maybe you can’t stand tb, first sister, but they all have their own obvious disadvantages and vacuum periods. You can kill them through manipulation.

A lot of times, many Cs lead the economy and you feel unstable, but when a water man leads the economy, as long as he does not make big mistakes, it is still difficult for the basic water man to be turned over. , Now the operation requirements are much higher, but no matter how strong the hero is, it still depends on the player, and the strongest person is the one who uses this hero. It’s not the hero who is strong, but the person you see. The gap between him and the informant makes you feel that the hero is too strong, and you often die violently. This hero magnifies the gap in the ability of the master before.

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