What is the normal blood pressure for a 65-year-old man? 【A question and answer】

The following answers are from Hartrim Heart Medical Group and Dr. Ren Yihong , Chief Physician of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital . The questions and answers are voluntarily disclosed by the questioner.


What is the normal blood pressure for a 65-year-old man?


With age, vascular resistance will become higher and higher, and blood pressure will naturally become higher and higher, so the blood pressure of older people will indeed be higher, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

There is no big difference in blood pressure control standards between 65-year-olds and 40-50-year-olds .

This is because the 65-year-olds, although they have entered the ranks of the elderly, are not very old, and the elasticity of blood vessels is still relatively good. Therefore, the blood pressure control standards of these people, if there are no special circumstances, tend to be the same as those of young adults. As in the prime of life, it should be controlled below 140/90mmHg (if the blood pressure exceeds 135/85mmHg by self-testing at home , it should be controlled).

If it is an elderly person over 80 years old, it is generally necessary to control high blood pressure, that is, systolic blood pressure above 150mmHg . Such elderly people, most of the diastolic blood pressure is relatively low. Therefore, it is not recommended to control systolic blood pressure below 110mmHg for a long time . Because this part of hypertensive patients, the vascular resistance has increased significantly with age, and the diastolic blood pressure is very low. If the systolic blood pressure is low, the problem of low perfusion of major organs is prone to occur. In layman ‘s terms, the blood supply to various important organs is easy to be insufficient, so blood pressure control should not be too strict .

If it is only a 65-year-old elderly person, blood pressure should still be strictly controlled according to the standard.

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