What is the meaning behind NIKE’s signing of UZI, the first signing of a global e-sports athlete?

What is the meaning behind NIKE’s signing of UZI, the first signing of a global e-sports athlete?

NIKE officially announced that it signed a contract with UZI, and Jane proudly became the first e-sports athlete in the world to sign a contract with NIKE. UZI is still an active e-sports player, and its influence in the domestic e-sports circle is self-evident. Today, Rabbit Driver will discuss with you, what is the meaning behind NIKE’s choice of UZI to sign this time.

The cooperation between NIKE and the puppy actually has a clue. As early as two years ago when UZI announced his retirement, NIKE had already contacted UZI and his team, hoping to use scientific training methods and rehabilitation therapy to help Jane Pride get rid of her injuries. At that time, UZI had to choose to retire because of his own diagnosis of diabetes and the injuries accumulated over the years. The olive branch thrown out by NIKE at this time is really a help in the snow.

We can see that with the help of professional trainers, training venues and effective training programs provided by the NIKE team, UZI’s body has recovered very well. UZI himself also said that after the cooperation with NIKE, his physical condition has been greatly improved compared with the previous games. Not only has the physical fitness improved significantly, but the mental state has also improved a lot during the live broadcast. The improvement in physical condition also prompted UZI to make a decision to return to the game this year.

So, what kind of message did NIKE choose to take the lead in joining forces with UZI in the e-sports circle this time? Rabbit Driver believes that there are three points: First, use the story of successfully overcoming injuries in cooperation with UZI to sell their rehabilitation programs and equipment to major clubs and e-sports players. At this stage, the cooperation between most sporting goods manufacturers and e-sports clubs is still limited to peripherals, clothing, etc. The cooperation in the field of rehabilitation training can be said to be quite limited. It was obvious to all to see how bad UZI’s physical condition was at that time. The puppy who has returned full of blood is really convincing.

Second, UZI has a large number of die-hard fans all over the world with the “world’s first ADC image” accumulated through years of strong performance. With the influence of the NIKE brand and UZI itself, the strong alliance between the two parties will drive the development of the NIKE brand in the field of e-sports. Third, the cooperation between NIKE and UZI this time is equivalent to conveying such a signal to the entire e-sports industry: NIKE has a tendency to further enter the e-sports industry. You must know that after signing a contract, the brand will generally create an exclusive promotion plan for the athlete based on the characteristics of the athlete. In the e-sports industry, UZI is far more than a well-known e-sports player. If UZI can cooperate happily with NIKE, then the number of contracts between NIKE and e-sports players will gradually increase, which is a very good thing for the entire e-sports industry.

Let’s wait and see how NIKE will work in the e-sports industry in the future!