What is the force that makes a generation of young people who love their homes go out to play sports?

“Why do young people suddenly fall in love with the outdoors?” In the past two years, the media and brands have been asking this question. Genyuan has the same curiosity.

How did the post-95s who grew up with digital products fall in love with the outdoors? Why are they willing to stay away from sophisticated city life? What is the appeal of outdoor projects? What thoughts does the outdoors bring to them? How did it change their relationship with the world?

With these questions, we opened a conversation with 5 young people who love the outdoors. I hope to find some answers through the observation of these individuals. Our findings are interesting and exciting.

For example, because they are highly receptive to new things, they often contact and try multiple outdoor projects at the same time. In addition, the outdoor community effect allows them to meet new friends.

Whether they are senior ALICE friends or newcomers just getting started, these 5 young people all mentioned the impact of the epidemic, staying at home and blockade. When staying at home, the few plants they can see make them want to go to a distance and see more nature.

Cliffs and rocks, lakes and clouds—several of them also mentioned the permanence of nature. In an age of turbulence, these natural objects remind people that there are still constants in life. As nature writer Ouyang Ting said: “You can rely on the stability of nature to find some inner strength.”


Outdoors have changed the way of life of young people, even their values ​​and outlook on life, and become the spiritual home of young people. Some young people found that material consumption should not be endless; the natural world is vast, bigger than a corner of their work, so a simple way of life can satisfy people.

Being outdoors allows them to look inward and ask questions of themselves and the world. In this sense, young people are not lying flat. They are just looking for value and meaning outside of work and career.

in the mountains

Communicating with “eternity”

On the way of mountaineering and skiing, the spatial compression of telephoto shots highlights the insignificance of people in nature

@Cosmo, 24, Brand Consulting

Cosmo grew up in Shanghai and was exposed to the outdoors as a freshman while studying in the United States. After a hike, his outdoor sports experience “became out of control” and became the “almighty king” of outdoor sports. Camping, ice climbing, rock climbing, lure fishing, paddleboarding, surfing—he’s all done it. Because of the outdoors, the way he sees the world has changed.

The moment of falling in love with the outdoors

“I remember the first time I lived in the mountains, it was very quiet. It was dark and scared. In the morning, squirrels dropped fruit on the trees to wake me up, and I felt the smell of pine trees. These are from the city. A child is like a life I have never experienced before. At that moment, I had a change: life can be like this, not walking around in a reinforced concrete building all day.”

Outdoor sports shape views of nature

“When I went to the mountains, I felt like I was communicating with an eternal thing . The last time I was more impressed was hiking in the Gannan area. I went alone, and then I met some friends. No one spoke a few days ago, more At the time, I was actually thinking about why people want to climb mountains.

Hiking is like measuring a mountain with your feet. I can only understand what nature is when I go to the bottom of the mountain and breathe the air around the mountain and the sensory stimulation it brings to me. Similarly, going skiing will only experience the thrill of the temperature, the risk of avalanche, and the thickness of the snow that snow mountains give you. With these experiences, you look at the world in a different way. “

Selection of outdoor products

The first element I think about must be quality: sturdy and easy to use. Equipment quality problems in outdoor sports are a matter of life and death. Better materials and designs can allow you to focus on the outdoor experience and not be troubled by some accidents.

The second is the recognition of brand values. For example, I liked arctic fox in my early years, it uses environmentally friendly and durable materials. I also agree with the value of Patagonia. It understands the harm of industrial production to the environment and calls for reducing excessive consumption. So I avoided repeated purchases of the same category and only bought one Logo shirt.

i wish to do

Movement in line with human nature

The same mountain, spanning nearly 20 years

@Volume, 25 years old, architectural design

In the past, Juanjuan was a typical urban beauty who would drink coffee, go shopping and watch movies on weekends; but now she positions herself as the “queen of extreme sports”. There are traces of all this: climbing with her parents since she was a child naturally sowed a seed in her heart. By chance, this seed began to sprout and grow last year. She tried everything from rock climbing to frisbee to paddleboard. Maybe everyone has a natural heart, an outdoor soul, and just needs time to wake up.

Make the outdoors a part of everyday life

“I hope to do sports that are in line with human nature, such as running, hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing. Because of the cool videos on Xiaohongshu. In July and August last year, I started rock climbing regularly. Because rock climbing got to know some more Friends, they introduced me to activities like yoga, frisbee, and paddle boarding.

My exercise priorities are climbing first, yoga second, and frisbee third. I like rock climbing because of the excitement it brings. What yoga has given me is focus in training. I want to make it a part of everyday life. I’m in the exploratory stage now. When I’ve explored enough, maybe I’ll find love, and then I’ll be more focused on it. “

The Triple Harvest of Outdoor Sports

“First of all, the feeling of happiness, that kind of physical and emotional joy. I can clearly feel the happiness hormones that exercise secretes at work. My recent resignation was not very pleasant. But I exercised without distraction.

Plus, being outdoors has made me less obsessed with sophistication or caring about other people’s eyes. I had my hair permed, and I had to roll it up to keep the “beautiful” look. But because I practice yoga in the morning, I can’t go through the day with a fine haircut. I’ve come to accept that I don’t have to wear makeup to appear in the glamorous streets of Shanghai.

Also, climbing gives me the patience to solve problems. There must be a reason why a line cannot be climbed: insufficient strength, incorrect movement pattern, etc. “

Like niche professional outdoor brands

“There’s a balance between good looks and professionalism. I love niche professionalism.

When it comes to brand culture, I like Patagonia the most. It pays great attention to environmental protection and uses recycled materials to make products. For example, its frisbee is made of recycled plastic, and it sells for more than 200 yuan, which I think is okay. I am willing to pay for environmental protection. “

rock climbing,

One of my energy perpetual motion machines

The picture is Mirror Mountain in Liuzhou, one of my favorite rock fields, with a limestone style with a large elevation angle. This “perfect mermaid line” is the first 5.13b I have done

@Roy, 29, education industry

Roy is an avid rock climbing enthusiast. Go out rock climbing 1-2 times a month. He likes the thrill and challenge of rock climbing. Compared with “climbing plastic” indoors, he prefers real stones outdoors because “the mountain is always there”. For some, the challenge of work is the engine, but for Roy, the challenge of climbing is more powerful.

The moment of falling in love with the outdoors

“The first time I experienced climbing in a climbing gym, I immediately fell in love with it. Because rock climbing is a sport that can quantify results and measure my own progress. Soon I went to Yangshuo to experience wild climbing. I found that compared with indoor climbing, I am more I like wild climbing. Because the routes of wild climbing are always there. There are more people climbing, people from all over the world, it is more interesting. In addition, the styles of outdoor climbing routes are richer, and they can also be used as tourism to play around.”

Rock climbing changes values

“Climbing is my energy engine . I naturally like challenges and competitive. When hitting the line (note: conquering a line), I don’t think about other things in my mind, work and worries are not there. In order to complete a route, I have tried it up to 50 times.

Climbing has brought some changes to me. For example, my material pursuits have dropped a lot. Because the wild clamber lived in general, and ate farm food, I found that I could live in this way. In the city you dress well, live well, eat well, and probably not so happy. “

Buy outdoor brands to see function and appearance

“I prefer Patagonia, it has functionality and beauty, and its color and design are more suitable for wearing in the city. And the concept is more environmentally friendly. The other is Archaeopteryx, which is more functional, reliable and comfortable.

When I buy equipment, I pay more attention to its ease of use and appearance. Functionality is of course the most important thing. For example, if I’m buying a hard case for rain protection, I’ll first see if it’s GORE-TEX. Boys can also care about appearance, but I may not care as much as my girlfriend. “

Outdoor sports

It is the process of facing the problem and solving the problem

At the moment of playing Frisbee on the paddle board, it is recommended that everyone wear a life jacket on the paddle board and play safely.

@Lafeng, 28 years old, Internet PR

Lafeng has undergone many career changes and became an Internet PR last year. In the e-commerce industry, she does not like shopping, but prefers to experience various sports. For this “Urban Soldier”, Paddleboard is now No. 1, Frisbee No. 2, and Rock Climbing No. 3. Might also try cycling in the future. In addition to the joy of sports, she is deeply fascinated by the spirit of outdoor sports and unique rules: whether it is problem solving or friendly cooperation. She is still thinking.

Why love paddle boards and frisbees?

“I fell in love with this sport the first time I played Frisbee. First of all, it has positive feedback. Basically, everyone can learn it in 5 minutes, and it can be learned by throwing the disc backhand once. Very fulfilling. In addition, girls rarely play team sports, and Frisbee makes me feel very special. It is very good to get in touch with Frisbee. I played 4-5 times in the first month. In fact, I like paddle board the most because it is very relaxing. But it takes too long because the venues are far away.”

Thoughts on the Spirit of Outdoor Sports

“Flying disc and rock climbing are both facing problems and solving problems.

Yanyou is next to you, but you are the only one on the wall, and only you know how to catch that spot at the moment.

Frisbee is not a one-person thing, at least two people are required to pass the disc at a time. In addition to solving problems, Frisbee also has a competitive element. For example, if you cut off someone’s offense today, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Those who play for a long time will be greatly affected by Frisbee. There is no referee in Frisbee, and all disputes are negotiated by teammates. It has a very basic principle called Frisbee Spirit, which includes respectful communication, knowing the rules, avoiding physical contact and enjoying the game. I have a friend who also plays basketball. He often encounters people arguing when he plays basketball. But Frisbee is very much about negotiation. You have to have communication to play this. “

state of nature

is relaxing, pure

Because this mountain loves hiking. Facing the rolling mountains at the top of the mountain, eating the warm white fungus soup, I felt an unprecedented happiness

@Azhi, 27 years old, content planning

In the interview, Azhi repeatedly mentioned that he was a social terror. Before the days of going outdoors, she would paint, go to the park, and have fun. Azhi has always valued inward exploration. This may also be the reason why she “escaped into nature”. Nature has opened her up and reduced her “spiritual internal friction”. The isolation from urban life also brings purity and relaxation. Surrounded by nature, she is willing to make strangers instead.

Relax and heal in nature

The natural state is complete relaxation. Complete isolation from urban life, I feel very pure. There is no signal in the mountain. That is completely your own time, you can talk to yourself while walking. This is one reason why I love hiking.

I just went hiking yesterday. The whole mountain was rainy and windy. I didn’t bring enough clothes at that time, it was very cold. The road was muddy and the whole experience was not very good. After the rain stops and the fog clears, the sea of ​​clouds can be seen from the top of the mountain. At the time I felt quite healed.

A worldview changed by the outdoors

I’m a little socially apprehensive. Although hiking is walking with many people, everyone is actually focusing on their own state. They will also support and accompany each other without disturbing them. That sense of distance makes me very comfortable. Everyone is going to a pure destination, and will be happy to reach the top of the mountain together.

Hiking has opened my mind more and my willpower has improved. Because the walking process is quite hard. After eating hard again and again, I seem to find that I can hold on to something.

Living in a small room, regardless of life and work, will limit your state. It may have been easier to get caught up in my own troubles before, but now I see the wider world outdoors and feel like a very small human being. The mood will open up.

I like brands that are functional, aesthetically balanced

When shopping for gear I want a balance of functionality and aesthetics. I like Mountain Rat, it is the most design-conscious brand among the straight outdoor men’s brands. Good looking and high value. But the price is also higher. Another favorite brand is Suran’s An Gaoruo. Its design is more urban and outdoor, which really hit me. The colors of these two brands are more beautiful, not as monotonous as other outdoor brands, and the colors are better applied in the design. In terms of brand values, I appreciate Patagonia’s environmental protection. I also read the founder’s story.


Outdoors let young people discover that human beings are part of flowers, trees, earth and stones, and brothers of other creatures. Therefore, some people have stepped out of “solipsism” and gained a more open mind and more pure power.

Outdoor sports also bring hope to young people. Writer Wallace Stegner mentioned the concept of “geographical hope”: “We just need to keep the countryside there, even if we just drive to its borders and look in. Because this allows us to Believing that you are a sane living being belongs to the science of geography.”

Young people want to enjoy material abundance, but also need to realize spiritual abundance and build their own spiritual home. Through the dialogue with these five young people, we deeply felt their requirements for personal growth, their respect for business responsibility, and their awe for the larger natural world. The outdoors has become a force that allows them to look inward, ask questions of their hearts and the world, and seek out each person’s own answers, to find each person’s worth and meaning.

The time to start the series of interviews happened to be in the middle of summer. Everyone was amazed at the unusualness of this summer season: droughts in the south and floods in the north, and unbearably high temperatures. With the climate crisis and the virus raging, this generation of young people has to rethink the place of human beings in nature. And the outdoors is giving them something to think about.

Before and after the end of the interview, a news shook the brand circle and the outdoor circle. The Patagonia founders announced they would relinquish ownership of the company, valued at about $3 billion, to trusts and nonprofits, promising to use future profits to fight climate change and the environmental crisis. In our interviews, 4 young people also mentioned the recognition of Patagonia’s values. How Patagonia’s values ​​resonate with this group of young people and even a wider group of people has also aroused our great interest, and we look forward to further tracking and understanding this business case in the future and communicating with you.

Image source | unsplash, cosmo, volume, Roy, La Feng, Azhi