What is the feng shui of a house facing north and south? How to decorate a house facing north and south?

Chinese Yijing Feng Shui master Xie Yong talks about the best Feng Shui layout of a house facing south

Chinese I Ching Feng Shui master Xie Yong talks about how to layout a house facing north and south. Chinese Yijing Feng Shui master Xie Yong talks about how to layout a house facing north and south. How to layout a house facing north and south?

I believe that many friends who are interested in Feng Shui are more concerned about this issue. Here, Teacher Xie Yong, a master of Feng Shui in the Chinese Book of Changes, is here to talk to you about this issue. Interested friends can read it carefully. If you are still not sure, , you can contact Teacher Xie Yong to help with research and analysis~

In our country, the orientation of houses has been paid attention to when building houses since ancient times. Facing north and south has always been one of the architectural principles of traditional Feng Shui theory. Many ancient buildings also follow this principle. Until now, many people are choosing When buying a house, the first thing to consider is whether it faces north or south. So what is the feng shui of a house facing south? Today, Teacher Xie Yong will analyze it carefully for everyone.

(1) Teacher Xie Yong talks about: Feng shui investigation of sitting north and facing south

In Feng Shui, there are eight roughly divided directions for a house. If further refined, there are twenty-four directions. Moreover, each direction represents a different meaning and has different effects on family members. In fact, all orientations have different benefits. Houses facing north and south are ventilated and bright, and are the most comfortable for people to live in. However, they are not the most prosperous ones, because a house with good Feng Shui needs to be based on the surrounding environment and indoor environment. The decision will be made after comprehensive consideration of other factors.

First of all, the best orientation of the building is “facing north to south”. A neatly arranged layout facing north and south is a good layout for hiding wind and gathering energy;

The square terrain of the community will bring us a stable aura. The strange-shaped terrain will confuse the overall layout of our community, causing the buildings in the community to collide with each other, causing many sharp angles, which is not only harmful to wealth and career. It is bad for your health, and this kind of aura can also lead to disharmony between neighbors, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

If the terrain is square, the buildings in the entire community can be arranged neatly and orderly, and there will be no obvious conflict or interference between the buildings. A stable aura is not only conducive to the stability and peace of the entire community, but also to the steady improvement of our personal fortune. .

Therefore, a community with a square topography and neat layout is our first choice for buying a house.

(2) Teacher Xie Yong talks about the advantages of orienting the house from north to south

——1 Good lighting. According to “Zhao Jing”, if the windows face the south, southeast or southwest, the indoor lighting will be better. Therefore, a house facing south has sufficient light all year round and can receive sunshine for a long time. If this continues, it can not only improve the immunity of the family and keep the family healthy, but also increase the yang energy in the room, making the family have good fortune. , everything goes well.

——2. Air circulation

Modern unit buildings with good ventilation are densely populated, and houses facing north and south can fully circulate the indoor air and keep it in a dry state, which is conducive to improving the air quality of the residence. In addition, houses with this orientation also It can attract more wealth to the home, making the family prosperous and full of wealth.

——3, Haven Bend

From a climatic point of view, our country has a monsoon climate. In the summer, there will be gradual cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean, and in the winter, there will be constant invasion of Siberian cold currents, resulting in unstable wind directions all year round. Therefore, the house faces north and south. It can just avoid the invasion of the north wind on the house, and it is also in line with the principle of “hiding the wind and gathering Qi” in Feng Shui. It can better gather Qi for the family and reduce the occurrence of financial losses.

(3) Teacher Xie Yong talks about how to lay out a house facing north and south

As mentioned before, the key to a north-south facing house with good Feng Shui is to look at the surrounding environment. The best layout is that there is a mountain or tall building behind the house as a shield, and the front has a wide view, preferably from the living room window. Looking outside, there are rivers, pools or green squares, etc. Such a layout has a backing, an open hall, and a beautiful landscape. It will not only make the residents happy, but also bring more wealth to the home.

In Feng Shui, there is a certain difference between sitting north and facing south and sitting south and facing north. Sitting north and facing south means plenty of sunshine and better air quality. If there are children at home, it is naturally the best. And if there are symptoms of disease at home, it also belongs to the north-south Feng Shui style.

From Feng Shui point of view, it is very good for a family’s house to face north and south. Therefore, when buying a house, you need to pay attention to this first. Moreover, the most taboo for a house facing north and south is between the door and the balcony. If the door and balcony are If the room is relatively narrow or the two sides are relatively high, it is easy for a situation to occur: the house and the balcony are close together, and a gap is easily formed.

Feng shui also pays great attention to the door of a house facing north and south. If the door faces the northeast, many diseases will often occur in the home. In addition, this kind of house will also cause some children in the family to grow up due to the heat and heat of the northern sun. Affected by air pressure, you will suffer from various diseases. Therefore, if you want to improve the feng shui of a house facing south, you must remember these points. The first is to choose a house facing south or north, and the second is the design of the house. It should be noted that the door of the house cannot face the three directions of the house: southeast, southwest, and northeast.