What is the difference between LOL teamfights and “DOTA” teamfights?

The team battle of LOL is the result of the designer’s design, that is, the designer hopes that the team battle of this game is like this, and even hopes that the game is like this. For this reason, the designer kept pruning the branches and leaves that he did not expect, and finally made the tree look like this.

Dota’s teamfights are the result of designers’ stocking up. The designers designed some ideas that they thought were cool, and then left them to players to play freely. Although they were occasionally trimmed, they were more of a tumor party.

As a game born out of war3, dota naturally inherits the attribute system of war3. The improvement of the hero’s HP, armor, and mana by the attribute system has led to the existence of a large number of heroes who can attack and defend together in Dota, and the output often overflows. Due to the data expansion inevitably brought about by the attribute system, the data in Dota is difficult to balance.

Therefore, the idea of ​​Dota is to design a new mechanism and use the mechanism to balance the data. Therefore, the equipment of dota highlights a variety of strange and ever-changing. No matter how high your kung fu is, you are afraid of sheep swords? Sorry, I have Lincoln Lotus. Your physics eldest brother kills without blinking, I am sorry for your eyes dryness. Your skill offensive is overwhelming and oppressing all beings, I’m sorry I bkb stand still. The strategy of sanctioning the other party and the strategy of counteracting the other party exist at the same time, and the two sides play a game in the judgment of the situation.

But the biggest problem with this kind of thinking is that if you want to carry out new expansion, the entire system is at risk of being completely subverted, and every change may have subversive consequences. Players have no incentive to continue following.

As a new game, LOL adopts a purely data-based approach. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is well balanced. If the data shows that you are weak, you will increase the data and increase your growth. If the data shows that you are strong, then cut the data. But there is a problem with this kind of thinking. There are always people who have problems with the data, and the mechanism is outdated and out of date. For example, the famous top dog, the old hero mechanism is too old. If you strengthen his data, he is a monster. If you don’t strengthen him, you can only study where you can smell experience.

And this idea of ​​data-based and independent equipment naturally limits the existence of highly functional equipment in LOL, and even limits the existence of equipment that integrates offense and defense. Why did the big core die suddenly in the LOL teamfight? Because there is not enough equipment to save life and take into account the output, the Titan points a big finger to Ad’s face, and Ad can only stopwatch or take off or hope that the opponent can’t focus on you or pay Chung. LOL is often killed violently because there is no countermeasure, and you know what he is going to do when the opposite side slaps his ass, but sometimes there is really no way to rely on yourself.

And LOL still has a serious problem, the designers have been trying to speed up the pace of the game. This tendency can’t be considered a mistake. After all, I can’t play the game and can’t watch the game anymore. But this from beginning to end.

The immutable design ideas have led to many problems. For example, output equipment is more cost-effective than defensive equipment. For example, the snowball is rolling. If the disadvantaged side has no lineup advantage, they don’t need to expect to come back. For example, this reward point mechanism leads to hunger strikes. Wind Girl (The appearance that will disappear soon.

And the recent obvious seasonal thinking of the LOL design team, controlling the cost of getting started, and abandoning the more distinctive things before, so that the depth of the game can never be expanded. Therefore, the most exciting moment of the LOL team battle is always the moment when it starts, and the decisive moment such as the dragon fight. The team battle is over, and at the moment of the fight, as long as one side does not commit a big stupidity, the ending is basically doomed.

Therefore, if you want to use a metaphor, the team battle of Dota is the climax of the stage play, and it is the performance of the Eight Immortals on both sides crossing the sea to show their magical powers. LOL’s team battle is the prelude to the end, and the last sword of life and death.

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