What is the development prospect of the beauty industry? Choose the fox demon to create a blueprint for your success

The cosmetics industry is developing at a speed of hundreds of millions every year, and a wave of entrepreneurship has been set off in the market. Entrepreneurs will have a lot of doubts before choosing the beauty industry to start a business. The development prospects of the cosmetics industry are as bright as others said. Is it really profitable to open a cosmetics store? What are the guarantees for entrepreneurs to open a cosmetics store? For entrepreneurs and investors, it is a good choice to choose to join Chaoyang Industry to reduce investment risks. Today, as an environmental trend, how should a cosmetics store choose a brand?

What is the future of the cosmetics industry?

Development status of the cosmetics industry: the size of the cosmetics market is increasing year by year

With the rapid growth of China’s economy, my country’s cosmetics consumption has risen rapidly, and the overall market capacity of the cosmetics industry has grown significantly.

Cosmetics production continues to grow

The consumer group of cosmetics is still dominated by women. Men’s demand for beauty has begun to form. The use of cosmetics has increased, and the output has also increased year by year.

Cosmetics import and export amount increased

China is the world’s largest cosmetics consumer market. International cosmetics giants have entered the Chinese market one after another. Some of the big beauty brands are deeply loved by Chinese people, and competition among major brands has become fierce, forming an upsurge in opening stores in China to seize the market. In recent years, Chinese cosmetics companies have gone overseas one after another, and the export volume and export value of cosmetics have continued to grow.

The per capita consumption of cosmetics has huge potential

Compared with developed countries and regions, there is still much room for improvement in the per capita consumption of cosmetics in China. With the continuous improvement of Chinese residents’ attention to their own appearance and consumption level, it is expected that the per capita consumption level of cosmetics in my country will increase by leaps and bounds.

Cosmetics open e-commerce sales channels

E-commerce channels, also known as online channels, have the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. Cosmetics have two characteristics of repeated consumption and strong traffic aggregation effect, which are very suitable for sales through e-commerce channels.

At present, there are many domestic cosmetics manufacturers, and with the continuous expansion of China’s cosmetics market, more and more international brands and emerging local brands will compete in the domestic cosmetics market, and the overall level of competition in the cosmetics industry will further intensify. Although the beauty industry has a bright future, how to gain a firm foothold in the huge beauty market has become a difficult problem for entrepreneurs and investors!

How to gain a firm foothold in the cosmetics market?

Inventory/out of stock/big name price increase/fake/expensive rent/location biased/inexperienced/no passenger flow/no explosives/… When you are thinking about these issues, your competitors are also thinking about it! Backed by a big tree to enjoy the shade, more entrepreneurs choose to cooperate.

brand is strength

13 years of concentrated management, focusing on overseas beauty. It is a fashionable luxury organization and a beauty chain platform that integrates skin care products, make-up, perfume, cleaning and other products in China. It has won dozens of industry awards such as “China’s Top 100 Cosmetics Chains” and “China’s Top 10 Cosmetics Imported Chains”. Now has more than 100 terminal stores. Stores are usually located in downtown business districts and prosperous areas of various urban areas. They are stationed in shopping malls and theme commercial streets. Relying on “big markets and large passenger flow”, they attract consumers to enter the store and give back to consumers with high-quality products and considerate services. , is an old brand that consumers can trust, with strong strength.

Consumers are becoming more professional

Different from the past more than ten years ago, consumers’ understanding of cosmetics knowledge mostly relied on traditional advertisements such as TV and other media. Now, in the Internet era, a new generation of consumers can learn more about cosmetics information and obtain product information at the first time. Become a professional in beauty products. Most of the stores are still fighting a “price war” in an attempt to exchange low prices for passenger flow and sales, which obviously cannot be done for a long time. Because it seems very unprofessional, the product information is not visible to consumers, and what consumers see is only the price. Big brands will have low-priced beauty products, and competing with them will only be broken. . Instead of being eliminated by the market, it is better to choose to join a strong and professional chain brand.

Professional product supply channels

An old brand you can trust! First-line big brands, global direct procurement, first-hand supply, direct supply of all our supply brands, 13 years of supply chain system precipitation, ultra-low discounts for manufacturers, customs import, genuine product guarantee, unified distribution, alleviating the pressure of stockpiling.

Good product, naturally high popularity! We have professional beauty guides to help Xiaobai shop assistants learn quickly and serve customers better. Gold medal teachers teach by hand, and cultivate professional talents for the store. Every month, we will plan marketing activities and membership activities to help the stores attract traffic online and offline.