What is Personalized Half Femtosecond? What is the difference between Yichang Personalized Half Femtosecond and Half Femtosecond?

Half-femtosecond, personalized half-femtosecond, when choosing myopia surgery, various professional terms are really dazzling. Hu Xuebin, an expert in myopia surgery in Yichang, is here today to reveal the secrets of what is the difference between Yichang half-femtosecond and personalized half-femtosecond.


What is Personalized Half Femtosecond?

Before talking about personalized half-femtoseconds, let’s first understand the surgical process of half-femtoseconds.


Half-femtosecond: The half-femtosecond operation requires two devices. First, use the femtosecond laser to scan the corneal stromal layer to make a flap, and then use the excimer laser to cut the cornea to eliminate the corneal stromal layer of the corresponding degree. After a concave lens is removed, the corneal flap is repositioned, and the operation is complete.


The personalized half-femtosecond is to add a variety of personalized modes such as corneal topography and aberration guidance during the operation, and perform point-to-point correction according to the different eye conditions of each patient. Just like when we usually buy clothes, the size is divided into one size and one size, and some special ones are tailor-made. One-size-fits-all is a popular standard, and most people can wear it, but for those who have higher requirements or who do not fit the body shape, they will choose private customization.


Some patients have complicated eye conditions, such as high degree but not thick cornea, high astigmatism, etc. Personalized half-femtosecond can correct the degree of each point according to the actual degree of myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, rather than standardized Uniform thickness cutting.


Who is Personalized Half Femtosecond suitable for?

1. People with high requirements for postoperative visual quality

2. There is irregular astigmatism in the cornea, or the degree of astigmatism is high

3. Patients with large dark pupils or those who have requirements for postoperative night vision

4. The effect of the first operation is not good, and I want to have a second operation

5. The cornea is not thick enough, or the degree is relatively high and cannot do full femtosecond surgery


Advantages of Personalized Half Femtoseconds

1. Corneal embedded occlusal alignment makes the reset more compact, accurate and smooth

2. More accurate laser cutting, better postoperative visual quality

3. Save corneal tissue

4. Adapt to a wider population


Hu Xuebin, an expert in myopia surgery in Yichang: I will talk about the difference, advantages and surgical principles between Yichang half-femtosecond and personalized half-femtosecond. Personalized half-femtosecond surgery is relatively simple and can make corneal repositioning more precise. However, whether it is necessary to choose a personalized half-femtosecond depends on the individual eye condition and the need to remove the lens.