What is most important to you?

How important is a good figure to a woman?

Before, such a group of photos circulated on the Internet, which deeply hurt the hearts of the majority of female compatriots

In the same posture, others are bikinis in the sunset and sea, and you are standing in the water and shouting for help:

Others are high and cold poses, you are itchy back:

Others are fashionable and cool, you are drunk and unstable:

To sum up, in the matter of body shape, the summary is: a woman with curves is a painting, and it is a landscape everywhere; a woman without curves is a piece of meat, not to mention stinky when you go out, you can look in the mirror by yourself. What’s not pleasing to the eye

So, how to shape body curves quickly, gently and effectively? Of course it’s not yoga!

Taking the entertainment industry as an example, those frozen-age actresses who have been forgotten by the years are mostly “loyal fans” of yoga

The 45-year-old Li Bingbing has a body like a 25-year-old girl. In her spare time, she likes to practice yoga the most. Practice by herself:

Pull the little nephew to practice together, the arm lines in this photo are simple:

35-year-old Han Xue, who is still beautiful, is also an out-and-out yoga enthusiast

She once said that yoga is not only conducive to the shaping of the body, but also can help detoxification very well, and it is free to follow your heart and is not limited by the venue, so it is convenient and effective to practice.

Tang Yan, who is also 35 years old, is a yoga master in the circle. She practices about three times a week. She said that the reason why she practices yoga is not only because it can regulate the endocrine of women, but also can maintain women’s health and delay aging to a great extent.

No wonder Tang Yan plays a role of any age without pressure!

Looking at these celebrities who maintain their beauty through yoga, are you eager to try it out in front of the screen and want to hurry up to practice yoga?

However, yoga is not what you want to practice, you can practice if you want!

According to the latest data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 5,500 cases of injuries caused by yoga practice in an average year.

(New York Times report on increased injuries due to improper yoga practice)

This situation is even more serious in China. Tan Qiuxiang, a practicing physician at the Sports Injury Treatment Center, once said that every week, 3 to 5 patients who are injured by yoga practice are admitted. Improper practice is an important reason for yoga injuries.

It can be seen that practicing yoga with professional teachers and using professional methods is the correct way to open up safe and effective yoga!

Incorrect yoga practice can easily cause yoga injury. When you practice with a good yoga teacher, the teacher will focus on your practice process, and will closely observe, assist and correct wrong practice, which can prevent possible accidents. keep you safe

A yoga teacher can make your practice safer

Incorrect yoga practice can easily cause yoga injury. When your practice is accompanied by a good yoga teacher, the teacher will focus on your practice process, and will closely observe, assist and correct wrong practice, which can prevent possible accidents. keep you safe

Yoga Teachers Can Make Your Practice More Efficient

Yoga teachers can accurately guide your yoga practice, according to your physical condition, arrange more suitable exercises, explain more detailed, higher quality of movements, make your practice more efficient

A yoga teacher can give you individualized guidance

Yoga teachers can design the best and most suitable practice for you according to your own physical fitness and yoga practice goals, and create a personal practice file for you to make the practice more systematic and scientific

Yoga Teachers Can Power Your Yoga

A yoga teacher not only plays the role of a teacher, but can also guide you in the correct concept of life, give you motivation for yoga, and encourage you in time to help you develop confidence and serve as a model

Yoga Teachers Can Give Your Yoga Continuity 

A yoga teacher arranges a regular practice schedule for you and urges you to do yoga on time, which can effectively reduce the excuses for not going to yoga due to laziness

A yoga teacher can provide professional guidance for your special needs

Yoga teachers with experience in designing yoga classes for individual physical discomfort, so that you can enjoy yoga every moment

A yoga teacher can create a nutritious meal plan for you

Yoga teachers can formulate the best nutritional diet plan for you according to your own characteristics, so that your yoga and diet can be combined to achieve the best results

Yoga Teachers Can Offer You Post-Yoga Stretching and Relaxation

Yoga teachers can perform relaxation and stretching exercises on you after your yoga, so that your body can relax better and recover faster

A Yoga Teacher Can Give You Confidence 

Yoga gives you confidence. A comprehensive practice plan can make you achieve your yoga goals in the fastest, safest and most enjoyable process, making you more confident in addition to being in high spirits