What is King Glory Star Membership, Star Membership Rewards Introduction

Hello everyone, what is the King of Glory Star Membership, and the introduction of Star Membership Rewards. Glory of Kings is about to launch a brand new membership system, star membership. Players who purchase star membership can get a lot of rewards, and even exclusive skins for star members. So what exactly is this star member, many friends may not know , let me introduce you to the star members.

What is the King of Glory Star membership

【Star Member】

Name: Star Member

Price: Free (the system is officially said to be free at present)

Online: The launch time is expected to be in the S28 season (presumably it will be launched on November 12)

Rewards: Level up can unlock the corresponding rewards → refer to the mode of the battle order

How to play:

1. At the beginning, each player’s star member is level 1, and then the level will be improved according to the daily player’s online activity and completion of daily tasks.

2. Raising the corresponding level can unlock the corresponding rewards, and after reaching level 15, you can also unlock the exclusive skin of Mengqi’s star members.

Star Member Channel

Career: Record the various achievements that the player has achieved in the game, such as skins, ranks, MVPs, etc.

Bonuses: Here you can view all the bonus prizes you have claimed.

Redemption: When the star membership level is upgraded, you will get points and use them to redeem rewards.

Reward Preview:



The above is a list of the rewards for King Glory Star members brought by the editor. Interested friends can experience it.

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